Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sam Patissier @ Plaza Mahkota

My first time there was to order customized cup cakes for friend's birthday, that's all. The really simple and almost empty interior design stunned me. Based on my experience, all patisserie has very nice dining environment if they do provide in-house dining service. Our initial plan was to have our high tea there but we cabut-ed after looking at the environment. 

So happened to see the cake pictures of the shop that a coursemate shared on FB few weeks ago. A friend of mine invited me to go for high tea at the shop to check it out. Immediately I answered YES because I love pastry!! 

 Cappuccino tastes quite so so. It is cheap. 
 Black coffee
 Hot Jasmine tea 

Standing at the window looked at the cakes, everyone of them looked really attractive, so tempting. It's really so hard to make my decision. The layout of the shop might be very simple but the lighting for photography is really good.
 Crème Brûlée with a layer of hard caramel on top which I love it most. 
Blueberry cheese cake with strawberries and macaron as decoration. The blueberry jam tastes really good.   
Mango and Passion Fruits cake, new flavour introduction, my choice. It tastes different from the normal cake texture. I personally think it doesn't taste that nice. Should try some other flavours next time. 

Had awesome high tea so let's go for a walk and pretend to be a tourist with a camera hanging on the neck. That's what I always do and always look like one. 

First time entered into this free entrance museum. I have no much interest on history so was there for a walk in air-conditioned room. 
Saw this in the museum and think it's quite awesome. Hello, Mr. Deejay!!  
What would be my feeling if I was there when Tunku Abdul Rahman announced the independence of Malaysia? Jom melaung merdeka bersama-sama...Merdeka!! Merdeka!! :)

My murmur
There's a time I joked about something in the car and a male friend replied, please do not think that all guys are noble (請不要認為男生很偉大). Okay, I am very clear with this, the emphasis is not necessary. haha The only noble guy that treats me whole heartedly is my dearest daddy who really does everything for me and concerns about me. He is the only guy that will always be there to give me full support!! He is my superman :) Besides him, I have not much comments 'cause I judge you silently. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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