Monday, April 23, 2012


It was an outing after we finished the last mid term test for our degree course. This is the first proper outing of our final semester. I had planned this for quite some time and luckily it was an enjoyable event of the day!! For the two absentees, too bad that they couldn't join in the fun. 

I saw this graphical wall last time and finally we could have it as background for picture. Heehaw!! Everyone  did doll up themselves for the outing, thumbs up. The graphic on the wall isn't any result of vandalism but the art by the shop owner. Rocker, deejay in the house yo!! 
Now bring you have peep into the shop to keep on rocking and rolling...
Just a random decorative item in the shop above the fitting room. I find it quite nice and kind of artistic. Now you notice the beauty of the light!  

It's a functioning clock on a door. Very awesome. Therefore, this picture is taken at the time of 5:10pm of the day.  

Anybody is looking for bikini? They are selling too. This kind of colourful tyre for bicycle is in trend now, why huh??  

Nice earrings with lots of choices. I stop myself from buying since I hardly wear earrings, very good self-discipline. #pretendtobe & #heavilyondebt
Hello meet Kelyn. She saw this picture and asked me, where is your sharp chin? Why the face so chubby as though I was punched. oh-MY-god, is that true? I replied, my signature sharp chin won't show up unless I smile with teeth shown...heehee own comfort just to ignore the fact =.= I wanna learn how to make up!!! :(
A friend of mine who won't get fat AT ALL no matter how much food he throws into his stomach. Forever so skinny and make the girls jealous. hahaha He is very enthusiastic in photography, VERY!! 
Spot me standing outside of the shop...lalala  Friends were still doing payment in the shop.
By the way, I brought my little friend out and left him on the car dashboard for sun bathing. Kinda pathetic. Friend said, hey you are just like Mr. Bean with his bear! Alright, I am. hahahaha 
How should I say, I love this picture...Everyone has their very own kind of epic expression. Just like what my friend said, this picture tells many stories. I can never be a rocker, big FAIL!! boooo~ Many more photos in my friend's camera, gotta ask from him before I could show it here :) 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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Blackswan said...

Seeing this post makes me feel young again. School days are best, gotta cherish.