Sunday, April 01, 2012

Yen's Birthday

Happy April's Fool !! Beware of the people around you and the surroundings :)
This is Irene, my chingu. I can still remember how I got to know her. It was just a random session after lecture where a few of us had a joint dinner. Thereafter, we stay connected with each other and went traveling/shopping together. 
We love to dine at Dao Rae Korean BBQ Restaurant. Simply love the kimchi soup!! They are always so generous in giving free side dishes. 

As usual, we got steamed egg and Korean pancake for free. Thanks boss for the courtesy :) 

How do we look in the glasses?

Seriously love these two pictures especially the one on the left. So candid, so funny yet awesome. 
Happy Birthday to my dear friend, miss Irene. 
visit her site to meet her little crochet friends

She said she was surprised to see the birthday cake. I hope that you love the little surprise. 
Found this Panorama apps in Play Store so downloaded it. Hey, it's quite useful and user-friendly too. It's so easy that a photography noob like me know how to use too. 
Another happy event on that night was meeting my ex-housemate surprisingly. I haven't see her for ages ever since I went home for internship and she graduated. How I love to loiter in her room those days. 
Look at that question 23 - what a girl shouldn't order on a first date? It's understandable why huge burgers and crabs are out but why are salad and spaghetti in the list too? So guys, should girls eat or shouldn't eat if you date them out? What should we order then? @.@

My murmur
Friend haunted me by uploading a picture of me during Form 4...hahaha I almost fainted when I saw it =.= This is my April Fools'. I anyhow think the current me look slightly better than last time. Seriously, last time was so horrible and terrible. Trust me, few years later I won't like to see the these few years' photos as well. haiyoyo 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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