Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cari makan @ Kluang

Kluang is one of the districts of Johor, a place where I spent and lived 2 months in the PLKN camp. I was once a Mulan. haha My last visit to Kluang was like about 5 years ago. 
Another 3 friends came down to Kluang from Batu Pahat to meet us. First meal of the day was dim sum breakfast. Banyak horrr...

We visited Kluang Mall 3 days consecutively even though we have nothing to buy. Somehow we bought some titbits for our trip later since the supermarket was having promotions. We went to watch movie too. Every time I visit friend's hometown I would surely visit the cinema, why huh?! haha 

It's dinner time at Barney's restaurant. Okay, it's not the purple dinosaur that sings.
Chicken and mushroom lasagna with lots of cheese~~~
Milo volcano, I should try this at home next time but I am afraid of the sweetness.
 My hot sugarless earl grey tea

I guess this should be Kluang's George and Dragon restaurant that we have it in JB. Of course, the price range is lower than George and Dragon.
Finished dinner, we rushed home for Star Awards 2012. much comments on the winning list

This group of friends went back to BP and another 2 friends came to Kluang to yum cha. We went to Kluang Corner.
I bet you know what cartoon is this. hahaha

That's the end of awesome weekend spent at Kluang. Thanks my friend and the family for the warm hospitality too. It was really a nice stay for those few days. 

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