Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kukup Graduation Trip

I am still in holiday mood...heehee Our graduation trip was simple yet warm :) We planned it and booked the accommodation during exam week, thank god everything was a big success!!! Thanks to the friend  who waited us at a place and brought us to our destination. Kamsahamida...
This is the one and only mahjong session in the afternoon. Notice the LCD TV behind them? We sang ktv from 1pm until 2am+, we took turns, how fun? We have a video recording all of us sang the same song and it is really funny.
Those who can't read Chinese know how to play mahjong really amazed me. hahaha Don't you agree with me?

This is one of the rooms we rented. It doesn't look grand but it fits all of us in. The owner took away the aircond remote control and I was like sleeping in a freezer until I was forced to turn off the main switch. Another thing that makes me -.- was the roach happily roaming in the room and I rushed out from the room shouted GA ZUAK to my friends. Very funny huh =.=
The main purpose of renting a house at Kukup is to spend the time with beloved friends before we really separate. It was the next day after the very last paper of our exams. We got up very early for the trip and heading down south for our 38 bom bi bi trip. Hereby I need to thank Kiwi for lending me his tripod if not we won't have any decent or proper group pictures like below. 

This bridge or jetty (whatever) is a really good spot for photography. The view is really omg awesome, every angle looks good too. 

It looks like a wedding photo. Focus on their expression please.
This picture got the most likes in my facebook. 

Our dinner and I really ate a lot. The best meal for the 2 days 1 night spent at Kukup. 

All of our wishes are written on the sky lanterns and they are ready for flying. :) Little red and little yellow
However, the little yellow was beaten by a friend and landed before flying to the sky and it died there.
Malaysian version of 'You are the apple of my eye'

I have no ideas how to put everything into words so I can only show pictures. The time spent at Kukup was really great, we sang our lungs out, all the way!!! Of course, there's always a gaming beer session which I am kind of afraid of it. However, it was really fun. The house rented is good too.

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