Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Suhui's birthday

Why is your blog full with food pictures all the time? Okay, this time I am gonna flood it with only portraits. Here we go...
It's a post-celebration for Suhui's birthday and also for the end of mid term tests for this very last semester of our degree course. Everyone grabbed this opportunity to really dress up and took as many photos as possible with each and everyone. We snapped our memories. *only picked some to show*
I guess this should be the famous spot of this 99 Garden Restaurant at Malacca. Sitting and posing on the swing made us as if situating at a real outdoor garden. The ambience of it was quite nice. 
Was selca-ing using my Blackstone and friend snapped this photo using the apps - Camera 360. Both of us loves this angle of ours in this picture. C'mon, look at our sharp chins!! heeheee 
So, this is a proper and normal photos of me and Anna. Ya, her name is Anna =) 

I was like so happy to see Anna's scarf and started playing with it as if I was really cold. So, how is my acting? Maybe it looks more real if I was standing right under a powerful air-con and standing in front of a fan. 
Ta-daa she is the birthday girl

Hello friend =) 
Happy Birthday once again
I am risking my life to post this photo on the net. hahaha Only those who know the story will understand why am I in danger. Alright, it's just a photo, don't take it too seriously! I really love this apps - Camera 360! 
Say peace!! or say Yeah!!  
 The effect makes the photo looks so dreamy. hahahaha

A decent photo of us
 Here comes a funky photo of us 
how do we look? hehe

It's been a long time I never do any cross-eyed 
felt giddy after doing it, serve me right =.=

We were like testing how to make people move using Panorama apps..obviously big PHAIL!
Lastly, a big LOVE  from all of us. Love life. It was a really awesome night with my lovely friends. I had lotsa fun with you. yo leh yo leh, even though I don't really shake at the second round venue still it was fun.

Wisdom is only found in truth

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