Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Taste bug's restaurant

I have many awaited posts (okay lah, I myself like to blog, you might not like to read it) so I shall blog it as soon as possible. Seriously, there's not even a day I really stay at home and rest after the exam. Going everywhere is really fun meantime it's really tiring. 

So, I shall post pictures and put a little caption with long winded story. 
We visited Johor Premium Outlet, can't afford what we want but at least we could pay for the ice cream. It was a Wednesday, Baskin Robin pink day promotion. I like sourish yogurt ice cream :)
Brought my friends to a Western cuisine restaurant. I am pretty sure they were shocked by the price on the a la carte. 1230-1930 was the promotion hour and we were only 5 minutes late and the price is at least RM10 different for the same menu. 
The chicken burger tower, I wow when the food is served. hahaha I kind of like the presentation of the food, it looks nice to me. 
This is my cheesy tuna penne, the portion is a little not enough for me.  
Err...not sure what is this
Four seasons pizza...each quarter has different flavour

Thin crust pizza is like really thin, super supeeeer thin =.=
After makan, went around the shopping mall and just nice there's a auto show in the building. It wasn't that grand like the one in Malacca but at least there's something nice to see too. Many carssss

That's all for this post, at least I have updated this useless blog and did not abandon it. =) Ciao!! 

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