Wednesday, May 09, 2012

UK Farm

I don't hate outdoor activities but I don't really fancy it either. Exposing under the sun makes me curse and rant all the time, never failed. However, I die die wanna visit UK Farm after looking at friend's pictures. Their photos are really nice so I must go. Nagging at friend and she brought us there. Hurray~!! 
UK Farm has nothing related to United Kingdom just the initial of the farm's owner - U.K. , that's all.

We bought RM40 entrance ticket without any other products or things to bring home except a little wooden souvenir. 

Let's reminiscing our childhood sitting on the swing..swing all the way and enjoyed the wind blowing on the face.  

This is the pavement to the mini zoo and lavender garden too. Hello, girls~!
 Half blossom lavender. Failed to see lavender sea. T__T

 Putting out the tongue

We were like very impressive with the sheep, how come they are so organised? 
 They drink cow milk, not goat's milk though.

TV3 team was there to shoot UK Farm and I might be appearing on it if and only if they put me into the scene. haha So please tell me if you happen to see me on the TV. 

This is the little wooden souvenir. Hmmmm...from the aborigines' village.
 They and the passion fruit drinks.
 Me and whole lots of passion fruits up there. 
Thank god I am not too tall so I could stand up straight underneath them, huh?!
 Whoever plucks it unauthorized will be fined RM200 
This flower of passion fruit will only blossom at 2-3pm daily.

 Make a wish and throw your wishing bag up let it hangs on the tree

 this mushroom snack is kinda weird. 
Alright, that's the end of showing you the UK Farm. I was dehydrated after the long hours at outdoor. Bought a goat milk red bean ice-cream stick to keep cold. Hmmm...I don't drink goat milk but still I ate the ice-cream. Luckily I can accept it. heeheee

Perhaps I expect the farm to be really fun and many things to see so I am a bit disappointed with it and the basic entrance fees isn't cheap too. I would reckon zoo than this farm if you really wanna see animals. Seriously, nothing much to see. I recommend Singapore Zoo :) 

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