Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Cari makan @ Penang

Foooood, I can smell those delicious food at Penang island. This little island is full with many delicacies that you can find it nowhere. My last visit there was almost 2 years ago so it's good to be there again to look around and find food. 

It's actually a very random decision to book flight to Penang. At first, there isn't any graduation trip plan so we supposed we were the forever alone figures therefore we booked tickets to have our own 3 ladies-runaway-from-home-trip. Who knows the trip wasn't only the 3 of us...hahaha It turned out so awesome!!

Friend's boyfriend, or maybe can claim him as one of my friends too, picked us up from Penang International Airport then off we go for lunch. I almost miss the bus to LCCT as I set the alarm wrongly but thank god I still managed to join them.
If you visit Penang but didn't eat Asam Laksa then your trip is not complete. The picture might not look nice but the laksa is good. 
I like cendol especially on a hot day. Lots of red beans in the bowl make me a happy laozabo :)
Done filling our stomachs with yummy food then let's go to the beach at Batu Ferringhi. Stepping on the sand with bare feet is pretty fun sometimes especially I have nothing to worry about and could enjoy the scene happily.

So they are the mates for my runaway-from-home trip. Hello, girls~~  
It's hard rock hotel behind me. 

 Tadaa the new friend. 
 Heart shape!! 

 Million thanks to this couple for the trip. Have to thank this gentleman for helping us to carry our luggage either loading or unloading from the vehicle. Oh yeah, he did not only help the girlfriend but me and my friend too. It might sound like, cheh carry your luggage only mah, but please take note that not every guy offers his help to every lady. 

 Stay sweet forever!! :)
Ladies can be powerful, beware!! 
 Double beware when we are hand in hand. hahahahaha

Below are the pictures of the dinner for 7 of us on that night. Some are oily and some are really good.  

The photo doesn't look pleasant but this is the real good stuff for that night. Fissshhh...~~

We went to Gurney plaza for a little walk after the oMg wonderful dinner. Hmm...the 3 lost ladies made wrong decision and ended up exercising at late night along roadside. Somehow it was part of our memories. This is the end of the first day of our runaway-from-home trip. More to come, stay tuned!! 

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