Monday, June 11, 2012

Charlie Brown Cafe @ Straits Quay

The first day hopping onto the car, friend's boyfriend asked any place that you girls wish to go? I buey pai seh answered Charlie Brown Cafe. They told me the one in Penang is bigger and nicely decorated with many Peanuts characters. Therefore I was so looking forward to pay a visit to the cafe as soon as possible.

Ta-daa me and lovely Peanuts family. Are they cute??  
I am going to show you a whole lots of photos of the cafe, every corner!! Be prepared for the cuteness :) 

 Hot chocolate 
I ordered this merely for the Snoopy's face on it

The TV on the wall was showing the Peanuts comic. To be honest, I can never understand Peanuts.  

The merchandise of Peanuts family. I bought a little toy from this rack too as a souvenir for myself. Most of the things are pricey. I feel like owning all of them. It sounds very crazy but I am serious.  
Want any cake with the cute cartoon on it or in their shape? hehe Too cute to be eaten.

The chess set is too cute. I guess I am not going to move my pawns.  

Okay, I really have no idea what words to write for captions or what story to tell.

There are a lot of yacht by the bay. That's the light tower. 

The cafe is so much bigger compared to the one I went in Singapore. Check out here. I have more things to take picture and could wandering in the cafe because there weren't many customers there (This is the point..haha). At least I am satisfied with the visit. Straits quay has many nice restaurants but the mall is quite empty. 

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