Thursday, June 07, 2012

Din Tao : Leader of the parade

It has been a long since I last wrote about the movie that I watched. I was either busy to write about them or just simply lazy. This time I got to write because this movie is just too awesome. I wish to share with you :) 

This movie has made 3 billion of sales in Taiwan alone so can you imagine how many people have watch it in cinema? I got to know about this movie from Taiwanese entertainment news and the movie review they gave  was really attractive. It is a must to watch it in the cinema if it is on the screen of Malaysia's cinema. Sometimes the movie turns out just so so if I put high expectation on it but it did not work on Din Tao. I enjoyed the whole movie 2 hours straight without feeling any boredom. 
It's a very typical Taiwanese movie, they mainly speak Taiwanese Hokkien in the movie and mixing in Mandarin too. Luckily I have subtitles to refer to when I can't understand their Hokkien. Hmmm..this movie is about religious prayers thingy. (don't really know how to tell) The son, Ah Tai left home to Taipei to learn music but somehow he is back to his hometown, Taichung. He took over the troupe as the person-in-charge to train them to be a different and better troupe than others. Likewise, he did face a lot of problems in organizing everything but somehow he overcame them. 
He trained them in beating the drums. It's actually 24 seasonal drums originated from JB (repeating again..XD). It was a big event and the troupe participated. The guy in the middle played the character who is a bit dumb dumb and somehow he got the wrong message then pushed his drum to the front started drumming. If you watch him, I guarantee you will love his acting. hahaha For the guy on the second from your left, he looks like one of the characters in One Piece. Guy that looks masculine, big size and tall but in fact very girly. 
He is one of the reasons why I wish to watch this movie. Initially, he was the bad guy in the movie but turned good after that. His new drama is gonna show on Singapore TV channel8 soon, kinda looking forward. By the way, he is Alien Huang ( xiao gui ). 
This man is the director of the successful movie. He is Feng Kai. If not mistaken, Din Tao should be his movie after venturing into movie industry. Before that, he specializes in drama filming. 
Well done to all the crews!! I seriously love watching this movie. Did you see the middle aged man in grey? His acting is nice too and I love his acting too. I watched few dramas with him as one of the casts and he is just too funny. 

If you haven't watch it, please watch it soon as it won't disappoint you and it worth the price. I am hoping for another awesome movie that could touch my heart. heehee 

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