Saturday, June 23, 2012


Again, I stepped on the ground of Hong Kong with another group of friends. We anticipated this trip for a very long time so we got really excited when we were about to fly. Flying with Air Asia for 4 hours is really not kidding, really not so comfortable. What to do, budget is all I care.  
The happy yet tired faces while waiting for the bus.
We didn't know shouldn't walk out from the gate so were forced to take bus to another ferry terminal. There's free wifi on the bus, I was like a bumpkin to be impressed by it. haha 

I took Turbo Jet this time. It's just the same as the star ferry maybe just the outlook of the ferry or jet or boat or whatever looks different.
I searched high and low yet couldn't see the shuttle bus of the hotel that we were lodging in for the night. Things have changed after a year so I felt guilty when I brought friends around. It's even more scarier when friends complaint and pulled long face. Many unforeseen things happened. For example, the change of the  shuttle bus stop so we ended up walked in a circle searching for it almost half an hour. Anyhow we still found it and boarded it to our destination in the end. The receptionists at the hotel counter were not that friendly as they ought to be. So bad in giving proper and clear direction to us.

However we did meet another friendly bell boy from another hotel who really helpful. I really appreciate his effort in helping us though we didn't get to the place in the end. 

These were our dinner for the night. Very big portion at the same time they aren't cheap too.

After months of having long fringe, finally I decided to get back my bangs and cover up my forehead.

We end our night at Venetian Macau. It's really a nice place to do shopping if you have money. hahaha We were just looking around and visiting the casinos. Oh yeah, we wandering in the casinos and collected many bottles of drinking water. 

Stay tuned. 

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