Monday, June 25, 2012

My Nestlé Story

Nestlé is celebrating its 100 years so its celebration advertisements appearing everywhere on the net. I think it's quite fun to write about my stories with Nestlé therefore this post is somehow created. Speaking of Nestlé, the first product that comes into my mind would definitely be Milo. It's my first choice of choco drink throughout the years. By the way, how do you pronounce it? Mai-lo, Mee-lo or May-lok? All of these seem to be correct depends on the language that you use. 

''Okay class, please queue up now. The milo truck is here to give you free milo."
They came frequently to my primary school and also on sports day. We will queue up happily and walked to the truck for the milo redemption. I always think that the milo truck serves the best milo drink in the world. But, I was too shy to queue for second cup. The taste, the thickness and they serve it cold. Oh ya, I always make milo kosong (two big tablespoons of milo powder without any sugar or creamer or milk) for myself at home. I don't like the one being served in a kopitiam or mamak stall, they put in too much of condensed milk.  

Milo advertisement on a billboard will always be a swimming athlete turns energetic after drinking milo. I assume that milo has the same power on me too. No time for breakfast then a cup of hot milo is the best. Too hot so I will drink it spoon by spoon sometimes, I wouldn't mind if it drips into my food. 

Last time my mum had a machine to make ais kacang which eventually turned into the toy for me and bro for a certain period. If the weather is hot or we are bored, we will take it out and put ice cubes into it and grind it then put some milo powder on top of the ice. Ready to be served. Another recipe that I created is milo flavoured pan cakes. My bro was my only supporter and he remembers it till now. It turns into a joke between us.

Breakfast cereal from Nestlé is something I would grab and throw into the shopping trolley whenever I do groceries in a supermarket. I normally don't eat it with milk. For cereal made of choco or cornflakes, I would normally throw them into my cup of milo.  

My grandpa was the one who gave me my first sip of NesLo (Nescafe + Milo). It tastes really fresh to me since I'd never tried it before. I was maybe 5 or 6 years old but I still remember the taste and the moment with grandpa. Nescafe is another 'power' drink to keep me at least awake while rushing for assignment or doing my revision for tests. Last time caffeine has no effect on me but not now. Besides nescafe, I did mix in nestum too. 

" M.Nasir kan?!" "Hang Tuah." Okay this is the dialogue of the Kit Kat advertisement and I really love the commercial. I spread to my friends and influence them to watch. Hmmm I find it quite amusing so I imitate their dialogue over and over again. My friends beh tahan =.= 

Rilek ahh...Kit Kat kan ade? hehehe Have a bite of Kit Kat and experience the combination of chocolate and waffle biscuit. I like it. The correct way of eating it is stick by stick and not bite two sticks at one go. My way of eating it is to bite it and let the chocolate melts in my mouth then only I eat the waffles. Do you do this too? lol

Have a break with Kit Kat advertisement :) 

This is my little sharing on my stories with Nestlé all this while.

Wisdom is only found in truth

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