Saturday, June 02, 2012

A night with coursemates

I hardly spend my night with so many classmates or course mates to be precise unless there's a replacement class in the evening or any mid term test at night. Initially, there's no any dinner for us as nobody actually propose it or take the initiative to organize one. Everything started on one fine morning where we went for breakfast after class and coincidentally met another table of coursemates there. 

Seriously gotta thank that organizer, our dear coursemate/friend, for putting in effort in organizing this memorable dinner for us despite exam was around the corner. Without his effort, this precious memory wouldn't exist. 

Sometimes a laozabo can go really crazy in front of the camera. The two photographers of the night are both my friends so I bueypaiseh kind of lost control. I have to say, my hair on that night was really messy like the bushes along the road. Maybe I shouldn't do center parting.
Come come, have a picture before entering into the ballroom. I thought I might feel cold since I didn't bring any shawl with me but thank god the temperature was fine to me. 
Alright the guessing game is here, who are my lecturer and tutor? Exactly, more than one of them are in the picture. 
These 38 people shared sweating and tearing day on one fine afternoon in the public. I am so gonna remember the day for life time. 

These are the ladies at my table but lack of two. 

Check out these pretty ladies and suave young men.

When I was doing my pre-U studies and puzzling what course to take for degree then I asked around. Everyone was telling me that accounting students all look like zombies and nerds. They told me accounting students know only study, study and study, always holding big thick textbook walking around in the campus. Somehow I did see some of my coursemates matching with what they told me but maybe not me. 
Lecturers always say that accounting students love to jot down every single word of the lecture, very kiasu. Besides that, they also say that we don't answer questions during the lecture but only in exams. At times, we can be funky too. All these are the future accountants, auditors, big bosses or other professionals. Anyhow, all the best to all my fellow coursemates, good luck in your future undertakings. 

We were holding the paper with the university song lyrics printed on it. The song did recall some memories for orientation and some events. It's an official song so we only listen to it at official uni events. Okay lah, maybe some of them have it in their computer and listen to it daily throughout the years who knows. hahahaha

Permata Dunia
This is the university song which I am kinda proud of it. It's a very nice song composed by a lecturer and sang by a lecturer too (heard so but I am not sure). I hope I could receive my scroll from her, MMU's chancellor. 

The end of my precious accounting night with my dearest course mates who I have spent good 3.5 years with them in the campus. They are the ones to see me walking into the class like a zombie with soul-less eyes if there's any 8am class. They are the ones I like to disturb during class and ask, what should we eat for lunch/dinner later? They are the ones who gave me great assistance in completing all my assignments. This post is not going to end if I were to list out all the things I have done with them for the years. 

I always rant that the lecture hours are too long or the lecture is boring. I even curse and swear when the tutorial's questions are tough or the assignment requirements are annoying or the exam questions are few times tougher. Discussing or complaining about lecturers or tutors seems to be a must among students. However, I know someday I will miss my sweet old days. :)

Wisdom is only found in truth

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