Thursday, June 14, 2012

Penang's hill

It's my first time to 'climb' Penang's hill. I know the existence of the hill but never knew anything about it or up there. Bukit Bendera is the Malay name of the hill or to be more local you call it 'Sheng Kee Sua'. ^_^

Can you see the models are shown in the ticket? All those are the earlier designs of the train in those days and the current one is the latest design which just started its service last year if not mistaken.  
Everyone was so anticipated to hop onto the train but we waited for almost half an hour before the crews allowed us to on board. The train service schedule and price list are here. It's unlike the tram at The Peak, Hong Kong where the passengers have better scenery view from the tram. To be honest, I had the urge to puke as the train at Penang's hill made me dizzy.    
Alright, I was about 823 meters above the sea level so the temperature up there was cooler compared to the heat down there in the city. The cooling breeze gave me few seconds illusion and thought I was oversea for early spring. All these colorful monsters need to be fed 2 50 cents coins before they could serve you to peep at people over the other side of the sea. Don't worry if you have no 50 cents because there is a person to change for you. Remember, this is business.
This is one of the restaurants on the hill. It looks like those clubhouses at any resort or golf club. Don't you think so?
The boy was capturing the picture of the girl while I was just very 38 taking down the picture of the two of them being so sweet. haha
Irene with her Henna art on her right hand.  

We rent one buggy to bring us around instead of walking 8km thru and fro. The driver was so enthusiastic in explaining the stories behind each mansion and what happened earlier in those days and who occupied that area. He is very friendly and helpful. Each ride is RM30, max 6 people per ride.

There were few minutes the whole Penang city was under my feet. hohoho I never tired of repeating this sentence for any picture taken at a higher place.  
 Now I look like a robot with only a big eye in the middle of the face. I can focus better now.
According to that driver/tour guide, this post box was delivered all the way from England. The VR stands for Victoria Regina. Are the letters of those days very thin? How come the hole of the post box is so small?

I was told that this mansion is owned by the boss of Magnum. Yes the one selling lottery not that chocolate coated ice-cream Magnum. It has a very huge backyard just like the one we used to see in the dramas. Very British style.  
We love this mansion so can't help but to take picture in front of the gate. I can't even catch the tail of fashion so please just ignore me.  

 Climbed up to a place and saw only Hindu temple
The gap between meals on that day was a slightly big so we were starved. I thought I could eat the whole shark down to my stomach.  
This ABC ais kacang is nice, that scoop of ice-cream is a bonus!! It tasted so good on a hot sunny heat humid day.  
The expensive char kuey tiaw, RM8 per plate. Okay lah, the prawn given was big but the char kuey tiaw was too oily. Too frightening.  
Next we moved on to another street to continue feeding our drumming stomachs. Maybe only mine, not theirs. Ehhh I suppose this place is called the New Lane? 
This is Hokkien mee but usually we call it as Prawn Mee. It wasn't really special.

Cai tao kuey - fried radish if not mistaken. This is quite nice.
Fried oyster omelette. It doesn't look good because of my limited photography skill but it tasted good.
 Pork Satay
Chee Cheong nom nom~
Belacan Fried chicken, I tell you this one is really good. The meat is tender and juicy. It won't stuck in the gap of your teeth, that's the best thing. 

Done with our dinner so move on to the pier to ride the ferry to Butterworth, mainland of Penang instead of the island. The inn where we spent our night was so much like our own home. It is a new inn so everything inside is so new and clean. RM60 for a two super single beds and a big bathroom is like-can-be-found-nowhere worthy. 

We had our second dinner or early supper at a roadside stall beside a Indian cinema. Therefore, it is normal to see Indians sitting down for meal too. One of my 38 gang members met us up at the stall too.
Steamed jellyfish, squids, fish balls and forgotten what else. Chew it and it bounces in your mouth. There's another plate of cockles but no picture of it. 
This is the only proper picture of us at Auto City Butterworth. Likewise, it's a place gathered with lots of automobiles' retail. It has lots of restaurants too. I bought something there and I think it takes me forever to complete it. 

Finally the last meal of the day - curry mee. The surface of the soup is covered with chili oil, so better don't drink so much of the soup. Did you see the little blacky thingy? It's clotted pig's blood I was told. ewwwww 
Last dish to show -cuttlefish in sambal or chili. This is nice!!! Give me a plate of this and a bowl of rice then I shall treat it as a meal. lol

Don't ever think of diet if you are in Penang. It is sinful not to eat when you have all nice food around you there. Penang is all about food after all. ( hahahaha ) Shall end the post here, bye :) 

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