Thursday, June 28, 2012

Portugal vs Spain Euro 2012

This is what I am quite missing from my apartment but definitely not during assignment/exam period or when I was about to sleep. Now I can never hear the cheer from home. I am definitely not a soccer person but I enjoy watching soccer match (certain teams lah). Last few days I was watching France vs Spain at home all alone. The match started at 245am so my family was already sleeping soundly in their lala-land and I cheered silently in my heart when Spain goal. Suffering.

Spain vs Portugal 
It's gonna be interesting so I am so gonna watch it, I talked to myself. Luckily online streaming was quite okay so I managed to watch the whole match until 530am. A little crazy. 
None of them goal within 120 mins so here came the penalty. 
Again I cheered silently when Spain won!!
Cristiano Ronaldo, the handsome captain of Portugal. He was dsiappointed when the Spain's player, Fabregas goal the last ball for penalty. Never mind, see you again for Word Cup 2014 'cause I don't really watch soccer. haha 
Spain's captain, Casillas. This match is his 100th winning game together with his team. Congrats, dude! I don't know about soccer but he is a good goalkeeper!! 
Errmmm...since when I support this team? It started all since last world cup 2010 when I watched few matches with my friend. He will analyze everything and introduce all players. haha Oh another thing, Spain has the most number of leng zai in their team. 

That day was watching the match between France and Spain, a friend came to me at facebook and asked was I watching the match? He said I know why you support Spain, haha. 

Okay, we shall see Spain again in the final. Good luck dudes!! =)

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