Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pulau Langkawi

Woke up as early as 730am just to treasure the limited time left for food hunt at this food paradise. Two of my local friends were supposed to meet us up for breakfast but too bad they couldn't make it last minute. Anyway, I believe we would meet up again someday. 

Friend brought us to a local famous restaurant selling kuey tiaw soup, ramen and some other delicacies. I was told that the restaurant is usually full house during lunch hours on weekdays. We were early on that day so no crowd. 
Errmm this is Guang Jiang. It looks like Goh Hiang, right? But only the outside looks like, the inner is made of yam (friend said so) and mixed with some peanuts. It is super soft and a bit sticky, kinda like its taste.
I guess the specialty of this bowl of kuey tiaw soup should be the big minced pork meat ball. There are fish balls and lean meats as well. To be honest, too much pork can be disgusting therefore I ate only a little of it just to try its taste.
Spot the raw egg in the bowl. Mix the egg with the ramen while it is still hot unless you prefer a raw one. This bowl of ramen has whole lot of pork as well. Pork lovers gonna love it very much. 

Crossed the bridge and again back to Penang island for shopping time at Queensbay mall. I enjoyed myself in XXI as I can't do so in my hometown. Less than 30 minutes flight and I'd arrived at Langkawi International Airport. I fell asleep despite the short distance of flight. My gosh.  
Placed our luggage in the hotel room then drove the rented car to Langkawi cable car Geopark. The mountain is really high, journey to the peak took some time. 
Friends were like shouting and sweating all the way to the top. I have phobia of heights as well but don't know why was I so steady.

The view up there is really good. Check out the turquoise sea behind me, so beautiful worth the price. Oh ya, there was a shooting team and I believe they are from France. Perhaps I would show up for a second on their TV channel. I do have fate with filming, don't I?

I got to breathe in fresher air at the top. Please bear with me for few seconds. I am the queen of my own world as I have the whole Langkawi under my feet. (not again!? XD)

We just can't let off any attraction for pictures, can we?! As usual, I bought a magnet for fridge and post card to nail the place I have been to.  

We did shopping at the retail stores opposite our hotel while waiting for our new friends back from snorkeling. It was my first visit to Langkawi but somehow I did control myself from buying too much chocolate and alcohol even though they are all duty free goods. The beers are cheaper than carbonated beverages. 
C'mon, let's take a group picture before our dinner's served. Meet our new friends :)
All of us stunned after knowing the price of the bill. This plate of golden Mantis prawns seriously costs us a bomb. A piece of advice to you guys, if you were to dine at a restaurant please check out the weight of the seafood when they weigh it and the price of each kg/item. Please don't be so noob like us. However, we bought a lesson so gotta be smart next time. 

Things got crazier when the guys drank really a lot, faces got red and their words got really funny. That night, my world did spin a little.

Back from dinner and done shower then it was another round of gaming liquor session. This time we drank Chivas instead of beer. The same scenario in Kukup happened again in Langkawi and I had good time laughing in the middle of the night. Our new friends are truly friendly so we had a great time on that night. 
Let's meet the eagle statue at Dataran Lang. It is a must to take picture with it as proof. So, why is it statue of an eagle?  

 My short visit to Langkawi ended there. I would like to visit Langkawi again.
I still love to take picture out of the plane as if I am on board for the first time. Traveling around is really tiring but it is interesting too. New things learnt, new friends found. This world is still so great after all. Let's anticipate the next trip!!


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