Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The story of us

It seems to be a must to take pictures in every corner of the campus for graduation. We did headache about the theme for ours, how to outstand the others and make our photos special and memorable. Therefore, we went to a retail store to pick different colour top each. The 7 colours of the girls formed a rainbow without realising until a few days after the payment. 

This is a top private university in Malaysia, according to the ranking. My campus life is equally fun even though I completed the whole course locally (it does not offer twinning course). It is as colourful as our shirts.   
Snow created just like this all thanks to the sprinkler on the field. And, thanks to the hot sun so we saw rainbow. 

I guess you know what are we trying to do.  
 This is epic.
It is taken in the elevator which we usually have to wait for long time. Climbing the stairs is even more faster than it.
Mr.100 plus is the photographer of the day!! Ber-pattern...
Our story 1- 10.
Hello, we are students from this faculty. This building is really old and we always complain about it. Somehow maybe we will miss it too.   

Tell a story based on what you saw in this picture. Everyone is gonna compose different story and it's gonna be so interesting.
Can't remember why did we look up in this picture.
 My friendly coursemate, Rekha

If only you know how to read Chinese then you know what does it mean. It is kind of awkward to translate it.

I love this set of pictures by my friend. Really very appreciate his help and his work.

Thank you for letting me to have all these funky and cute memories to be kept forever in pictures. It's time to develop photos again.

Wisdom is only found in truth

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