Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yee Shun Dairy Company @ Macau

A very big cow on the signboard huh?! Yee Shun is famous for its stew milk so I must bring my friends there. Whoever that went to Macau would recommend this to you. It is one of the famous cafe in Macau and Hong Kong.
The food is expensive from POV. Some are reasonable but some are a bit pricey.
Friend ordered this stew milk with red bean. Milk is really not my thing. Still remember last time I ordered but ate only a mouth then pushed the whole thing to my bro.  
They had the words carved on the stainless steel cup. It is somewhat cool, no?! Friend ordered iced chocolate milk and he said too little. 
My polo bao (bun). Hmmm...a bit dry and lack of the butter fragrance that it has to have it. I anyhow finished the whole thing too. Not to waste it because I was hungry.
Sandwich with bacon and egg. Very homemade look and very thin.
Pork chop bun. They think it tastes different from what we have it here in Malaysia's cafe. Authentic recipe might not suit our eating habit. 
Lucky us managed to get a seat for 5 of us but the place is really small. I guess the plum people in Macau better dine at home or dine alone if they have to eat out. 

It's opposite the McDonald's and this building. I only know this branch but they have more branches at other places in Macau too. The french toast has sold out when we were there so didn't get to eat it again. That's the thing I want.  

Traveling is all about walking and training your legs' muscles. A pair of good shoes is necessary if you have to walk long distance. 

Really bad in telling story. Till then. Bye! 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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