Saturday, July 21, 2012

Audrey is my friend

'Eh free? let's go down yum cha!' 

'That question how to do huh? I go over to your place now ya' 

'Have lunch/dinner together later, wait for you at downstairs.' 

I have been repeating these questions or similar questions for endless time but no more. Suddenly an image of us yum cha at the cafe below our apartment crossed my mind then I told my friend about it. For a long time I didn't write a dedication post to somebody therefore I shall dedicate this post to miss Audrey meow meow. 

She is a really friendly lady meanwhile a crazy one from the first day I got to know her. We were in the same class for our university foundation study. It was a Monday morning, our very first class in Alpha year and we sat next to each other in the lecture room. That's how we got to know each other and stick together until we graduated. 
We were picnic at beach!! 

We were in the same group for most of the assignments. Searching for materials, read them and summarize it are really sickening. Therefore we usually do it last minute and I will ask her over to my room so we can do it together. The starting time is 7pm but we surfed the net or busy chatting with each other ended up did nothing. I think she loves my bed if not why everytime she came over she will doze off on my bed. hahaha If I need any help, I will resort to her (if she is free and available lah). Hmmm perhaps she is the only uni friend who saw me cried before. 

Joining events as committee and played around together also quite fun. Shared memories. I still remember 3 years ago we joined an event and we need to decorate the venue on my birthday eve. We anyhow sneaked out from the venue with some other friends and went to KFC for a little kind of celebration. She is also my kaki makan. There are times we could sit at a cafe with our laptops from afternoon till evening or perhaps night. The days where we need to take public transport to shopping malls are something unforgettable too. Can you imagine few days later we have few final exams and we were chatting face-to-face for an hour plus in my room? hahaha It was crazy!! 
That's our class' night.

She is always the one that I bring to meet with my other friends. And, so friend with my roommate and housemate too. There's a day where we were doing assignment but she ended up chatting with my housemate then slept in her room. It's normal to see me in her unit and I know all her housemates as friends too now. Oh ya, she treats friends really good. If she knows I haven't taken my meals, she will dabao food for me and send it to my doorstep. So sweet right?! I still remember I complaint to her that I waited whole day long in the room and had not taken my lunch then it was already 5pm. I took the lift down and leaving for hometown. The lift doors opened and I was surprised to see her with 2 buns for me. So what did I do to deserve such good friend? If we want to makan, all we need to do is to change into a more presentable clothes then go to the cafe at downstairs. We could spend hours and hours there. 
Taken on last Christmas @ Casa Del Rio pool side 

It's too impossible for me to write about the long story of us in a post. This friendship is something I really appreciate. Wish her all the best in her future and find herself a guy who will treat her really nice. We shall keep in touch!! Meet up often too if possible. =) We don't call each other yeobo for vain but no worries, we are definitely straight!! hahaha

Wisdom is only found in truth

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