Sunday, July 08, 2012

Australia Dairy Company

I was warned by the travel guide and travel blog saying that the workers at the cafe are hot tempered. Therefore, I warned my friends as well. We reached the cafe and indeed we gotta queue for a seat. We queued so obediently like a primary school kid just to avoid a scold early in the morning. 

Was so afraid of a scold so we quickly made decision on what to eat. hahaha Gonna try what the locals eat for their breakfasts. 

Macaroni and ham with soup. I have bad impression of pasta in soup so I don't have high expectation on this as well. However, this was surprisingly yummy.

The toast and egg came in a set with the macaroni and a cup of tea. You can choose either fry egg or scramble egg. They find the egg too salty but I think it was okay and I finished the whole thing. hahahaha Friend ordered their French toast but no photo was taken. The French toast was really really good. I love it!!

Oh yeah, the crews there are not really that fierce but impatience. Early in the morning and everyone looked so impatient and frowning. There was a vacancy notice pasted on the wall. The monthly salary of a dish cleaner is HKD$11,000. By looking at the number itself, the salary is high but not to forget the high living cost in Hong Kong. It's suffocating high. 

I like this breakfast!! =)

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