Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Homesick is unpleasant

Nice mandarin song introduction again. I think it's been a long time since I last updated myself on Korean songs. The only Korean new song that I know is Super Junior's 'Sexy, Free & Single' #failed 

Yoga Lin's songs are always that nice. 

Frankly speaking, she really sing out the feelings of those who stay from home. Like me, I was away from home to study for 5 years. You can never know how hard is it until you really experience it. If anyone bullies me, can't do well in exam, nothing to eat or sick, first person that I wanna call will be my mum. hahaha I especially love to call her during study week and exam week. =) 

When I was at my apartment, weekends were the most unbearable (if I got no activities). Most of the stalls were closed on weekends and I had to stuff myself with something instant like bread. There were times I was eating instant noodle or drinking milo then looking at friends' updates on facebook, having all those good stuffs at restaurant or watching movies or shopping happily, I really feel like killing myself. LOL #foreveralone 

That's me without friends =.= But my uni life became super interesting during my final year studies. Friends brought their cars so quite often they would ask me out for meals. I would also date with my friends who were staying at the same block for lunch or dinner. If you are reading this and laughing at me, I have gotta tell you, yes please laugh out loud because you won't know how miserable I was until you go through this stage. 

Just because I was studying at different state, I missed out so many festive celebrations at home. There's a year 3rd day of CNY I was already at my apartment alone when the whole building was like so empty and silent. My only food supply was those cookies, bak kwa and oranges. And because of exams, I wasn't there on my sister's wedding day. I have to say homesick is the most dreadful feeling, it's good to be home now :) 
Okay lah, I do miss my uni life =.= (so hard to please huh)

Wisdom is only found in truth

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