Friday, July 06, 2012

Kam Wah Cafe @ Prince Edward

This time I put in effort in researching Hong Kong and looking for the famous cafe that serve real good yummy food. Travel and food blogs gave me the best guidance and I referred to them a lot for my itinerary. The one I referred to the most was Kampungboycitygal .

I came across this cafe in their blog saying that this cafe serves very fragrance and delicious polo bao and polo yau. That's an icon for HK food, must try!! 
I ordered their polo bao. I should have ordered polo yau, the one with a piece of butter in the middle of the bun. Their bun is not that dry and can taste the butter, could smell the butter fragrance too. A little difference from what we have it here.   
Iced lemon tea can be found in all cafe worldwide. LOL ok lah, at least in HK drama we always see the actors or actresses order this if the scene is in a cafe. 
Hot lemon tea is HK$2 cheaper than the one served with ice.
Pork chop sandwiches. Add on HK$2 if you want it to be toasted. 
Gong zai meen - Instant noodle is another signature dish in HK cafe too.
Big disappointment on this French toast. I didn't get to eat it at Macau so thought of giving it a try there. They must have forgotten to put honey onto the toast. So sad.
Friend's drumstick rice which she had waited for long time. They missed out her order. haha
We almost couldn't find this cafe but luckily we asked around and thanks for their direction.

I love pastries. They look quite yummy but not sure about the taste.
Walked down the street and reached the famous Gold fish street. The one whole row of shops down the end of the street are selling gold fishes and some other little animals. We went into a pet shop and those little puppies are way too cute!! If only I could bring one of them home with me.  

Tung Choi Gai - The famous ladies' street at Mong Kok, Hong Kong. This is just like our Petaling street. Remember to bargain and must be firm of you stand. lol Don't be a loser like me!

Little mango feast from Hui Lau Shan. This dessert selling shop has many branches in both Hong Kong and Macau. Hmmm...we have it now in Malaysia - 1 Utama.  
The night we rushed the hell out of us just to reach Victoria Harbour at 8pm before the Symphony of Lights started. By the time we reached there, it was already full with crowd but thank god we were just in time to catch the show. After that, walked down to Avenue of Stars to view the palm prints of celebrities. 

We settled our dinner at a Vietnamese cuisine restaurant at a shopping mall. No rude service, no yelling but civilization and nice food. That called the night. 

End the post here. Bye!   

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