Saturday, July 28, 2012

Madame Tussaud's Hong Kong

There's an exhibition of wax figures in Singapore about 13 years ago or perhaps even longer. That's my first time taking pictures with the second generation of the famous people. Most of them looked so real that I thought they were real. hahaha 

We bought our tickets from a travel agency at cheaper price. First thing, we gotta change them into real tickets for entrance.
Me is the lao za bo looking of Bond's lady. hahaha
Sexy Dato Michelle Yeoh with her high cut cheongsam. So, she is really this slim in real huh?! *envious*
He is the first figure standing there right after the entrance. I went closer to have a look, hey Jay Chou leh. Help to take a picture with him :) But then I was inspecting something, is that his height? I mean is he really this tall (short)? Alright, I am his fans but I have never seen him in person. 

No matter how old he is, still suave.
Kelly Chan
I am actually a good friend of Ethan Ruan. Look!!! He had my hand on his shoulder, no kidding!
Show a picture of the two guys with the couple - Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt 
Erhem, I was his partner of the night. Sorry for dressing so casually and did not match with his outfit.

British Royal family event, I was there. 
I don't know who is he but should be politician. Yes?! No?!

Here comes the wax figure of the lady, Madame Tussaud herself. She has those artistic looks. 
The bad guy, Hitler.
C'mon a picture with William Shakespeare. Thee..Thou
Hey Mr. Ghandi 

This old man with grey hair is Picasso. I wish I have his 1% talent in drawings.

She was having a nice chat with Albert Einstein. Did you solve the problem?
Hello Mr. Lee

The pigs family. Errr...I mean only those 2 pigs not me and my friend. Duh!!
Very handsome Johnny Depp
Sexy Marilyn Monroe
I cannot fight but I can pose #failed
It was a nice high tea session with Audrey Hepburn. She is sweet.

This is epic, I mean it. Nice picture though.

I can't even reach his armpit. How to do slam dunk?!
They go rock n' roll.
Hi the former captain of England soccer team. 

Beatles' songs are really nice. If you never heard of it, please listen to them now. You will love it.
So she likes Teresa Teng? 
Why is my friend in a shock expression in this picture? Perhaps Anita Mui was too cool.
Miriam Cheung, a mother of a son now :)

We got really crazy in there to take pictures with every figure. There were few groups of people really acting at home. For example, we were waiting for our chance to take picture with the figure and they were like occupying it so long. They were trying to challenge our patience. We were forced to converse in Bahasa Malaysia so no one can understands us. That's the benefit of knowing an extra language where others wouldn't learn it. =.= The parents should have ask the children to behave in the public and don't let their children roaming around wildly. But what if adults don't behave? #Speechless

Hey Jude by Beatles

Enjoy the song and bye!! 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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