Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ngong Ping 360

Did you watch Running Man? The filming of RM in Hong Kong divided into two episodes. They took this cable car over to the island to complete their last mission. I like their expressions when they stepped into the crystal cabin. Likewise, I can't even stand straight in the cabin on my first ride.  

Second riding, no more phobia and I don't know why did I stand throughout the whole journey. hahaha Outside was very misty. 

I seriously like those broccoli below us. They look tastier than those in Langkawi @.@

We and the Buddha. And, a giraffe (kwang-su, is that you ? hahahaha)

I seriously have to thank that helpful Singaporean (I assume lah, might be Malaysian too) uncle to help us take this photo. He was really friendly and helpful. He tried to take the best picture for us and if there's any passerby, he will wait until they leave so we can have a nicer background. Wish you all the best, uncle!! *unlike those who refused to help us yet showing their kind of face expression...unfriendly, DISLIKE* 

Yeah, SPAIN!! The Spanish cabin looks like the face of an Ultraman, agree not?!
Tau foo fa...the scoop of liquid is ginger sugar. I was the last one to finish because I don't find it nice. The crews of the restaurant were some sort like arguing or quarreling, so they nagged non-stop. I quickly gulped the bean curd down and left the stall. Beh tahan. No good you know, bad image to your business.
Curry fish balls.


Of course, it's time to do shopping at Citygate outlets after Ngong Ping. First gotta fill the drumming stomachs. 

Pepper lunch. No idea what to eat.

Went into those outlets and came out empty-handed. hahaha I had an urge to buy a pouch for myself but no money. hahaha not really penniless but somehow I was really penniless. 

Alright, till then. Bye!! 

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