Friday, July 13, 2012

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Visited Hong Kong for 3 times but this is my first time to Ocean Park. I always wanted to go because it always appear in HK drama so I guess it would be fun. Before I go, I received different opinions on it from friends who went before. Therefore, I tried not to expect too much from the park but concentrate on taking as many photos as I could. #crazy

I am gonna show MANY photos in this single post. What to do, it's theme park after all. I am greedy therefore I wanna put many many of them.

That's us at the entrance.

Sea Lion, the icon of Ocean Park.
come have a picture with it 
one good thing about theme park is I could play around with their merchandise in the store.
And also, posing and taking pictures with it. =)

The animals shaped trees or bushes. =.=

This is really cute.
Hot Air Balloon
too bad, didn't ride on it.

Like finally I saw a real panda right in front of me but too bad, it was sleeping. alamak!

these are little collections that we got it from the copper coin machine.

Hey, help me take picture of me sitting on this rickshaw.
I stepped on this then I already shouted because it isn't stable.
Eventually this friend came and stood in between the puller.
I also 38 challenged him, aiyer you can never lift me up.
The moment he lifted the thing up, I went crazy and shouted!! I thought I was gonna fall.
I urge my friend faster snap because I wanna get down from that rickshaw ASAP.

This is the old street theme in the park, on the way to the cable car station.
Spot the man in purple behind me. He and his costume. hehe

So these are the gondolas. Very small!!

She wasn't feeling well and insisted to take a picture with her in the washroom. hahaha
The washroom is super clean and fully air-conditioned. 

We had fun playing at the fun fair stalls.

All these were our lunch.

I was amazed by so many species of jelly fish. They look so pretty and cute. I wish to have a few time at home so I could adore them anytime. hahaha

Their victory items.
It's a must to watch the show of sea lions and dolphins.
They are so cute and intelligent.

One last photo for Ocean Park. We were forced to leave the park early as it was raining heavily. So, we moved on to the next destination of our schedule. Didn't play any facilities in the park but looking around to enjoy the moment. 

Oh ya, we met a pair of couple quarrel and the girl splashed the guy with the water in the bottle she was holding. After that, both parties walked away angrily to different directions. My friend got so angry when the water got onto her hand and shirt. haha pitiful her. They were not the first pair that we saw quarreling in the public throughout our trip in Macau and Hong Kong. This made my trip a little more interesting...

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