Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Steamboat gathering

Hello gathering lor!! 
Long time no see my secondary school-mates 
It was just a small gathering for only a few of us. If it was a full attendance gathering of all groups, I guess we need at least 3 tables unless buffet style.
 Look at the red table cloth. 
We weren't at any restaurant but a friend's house. 
Thanks for the courtesy!! 
 The amount of the vegetable looks a lot but actually still okay. 
However, we didn't finish all though. 
Steamboat without vege is like so no no no. It's a must have ingredient.
 The fish balls are nice...very bouncy doi-doi-doi. 
Hmmmm meat balls...no idea!! I tak makan =.=
 Deep fried food is fattening but who cares about the weight at a gathering dining session. 
They are really nice!! I just couldn't stop myself from eating non-stop.
I can feel a little sore on my throat on the very next day. 
Hello to Cho Sin who just got back from UK for vacation. It has been a while since I last saw her few years ago perhaps.

Thanks to friend's sis to order this awesome Americano Brownies for our gathering. So sweet!!
Happy Gathering 2012...succeed!! =)
If you notice, I have the longest and biggest head among my friends. O-M-G
 Friend's sis and her friend.
We were in the same class in Form 3.  

 Friend said, eh this can anyhow turns into your new toy huh?! 
 Chocolate from Korea. Sculpture shape. 

 This is the best group photo of the day. oh yeah!!

The second cake of the day. Courtesy of friend's auntie. Nice leh~~ Next time I shall buy a piece for myself. hahaha

Gathering with my girls is forever so awesome!! I want more ^^

Wisdom is only found in truth

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