Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sweety House Cafe (Hello Kitty Cafe) @ Muar

It's my birthday today so I shall blog about something sweet. =)

Meow~ Hello Kitty!! Most of the girls love it and have many items with HK picture on it. Pink pink all the way. I went there about 3 weeks ago but forgotten to blog about it. I thought I'd blogged about it therefore sorry to friends who are waiting to see the photos. Don't really upload photos on fb nowadays as I prefer to put them here. Facebook is getting boring!  

Heard about this Hello Kitty theme cafe from friend and always wanted to go but no chance. Thanks to friend who suggested and brought me there. haha Ain't a kitty fans but wanna visit it too. 

This is a tissue box holder.

The utensils are kitty too.
I was the only taking main course because I was hungry and can't wait for another few hours for dinner. Tom Yam bee hun with lots of ingredients at a reasonable price.
The ladies.
The gentlemen.

The 38 group. We have 10 members but 3 were absent. Nvm, will be reunited again soon.

The kitty face.
 Hohoho must take picture at the seat. 

That is their mail box. So cute, right?!

After the little gathering, it's time to bid farewell to friends who were heading back to Melaka whereas we headed down to Batu Pahat.
They granted my wish and stopped my crave for steamboat. hahaha Steamboat is yummy when you have it with lots of people. I want to eat steamboat again...duh!!

Writing lesser and lesser words for blog post. Alamak...I have resumed my status as a student but a higher level so will try to update here as often as I could. hahaha That's all for this post. Bye!

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