Monday, July 16, 2012

Temple @ Batu Pahat

''Wow his/her English is good and I wish I could write just like them.'' 

The statement above is forever appearing in my mind whenever I read most (not all) of the blogs. I like how they tell their stories in a really interesting way and of course, written in really good grammar. Vocabulary must be good too. I should really start reading books and learn it. 

Back to topic. 

That's the second day and also my last day at Batu Pahat. Friends were really good to bring us around Batu Pahat, to places where we've never been to during our last visit. They said, eh let's go 'touch fish'. Eh?! Later on I was told that touch the fish can bring good fortune but not everyone has the luck to touch it from head to tail. Now I know. 

These are the fishes that I mentioned earlier. There is another bigger fish at the other pond. When we arrived at the pond, it quickly 'park' itself at the corner. I some sort of communicating with the fish, I said please let me touch you if you think we have fate. So I waited there and seriously it swam to my direction twice so I got to touch it twice as well. 

It looks like one of the scenes in those CNY songs music video. Don't you think so?!
It has kukup's feel.

This is the lover's bridge.

That's my limit, I can't go any further beyond this point. 
Random shot on the old shoplots.
Coconut milkshake. Hmmmm the one at Klebang will be much better.
Fried kuey tiaw using salted egg. This is too dry so....not nice
The famous stew shop in BP
Ang ku kueh as little souvenirs for family
Somehow I still prefer soft-skin ang ku kueh

That's the end of my short visit to Batu Pahat. Oh right, I said touching the fish will bring good luck right, did I? We went to buy 4D after visiting the temple. I know myself normally don't have any luck on this thing but still I gave it a try and hoping for a little fortune. The next day result released, booooo there gone my money on the toto tickets. LOL That's my first time of buying the toto tickets by myself. Nice experience though. 3 bucks spent to buy a hope is still cheaper than the minimum bet in a casino. 

However, people please do not get addicted on gambling!! Please think of your family, friends and loved ones. =)

Wisdom is only found in truth

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