Monday, July 02, 2012

Yew's Cafe @ Taman Molek

Ever since I moved back to lovely home, I get to see my lovely friends at least once a week. They love to (erhem...hehehe) bring me out for tea, makan and shopping. We have all sort of excuses to feed ourselves with nice food and dine at a better restaurant. By the way, I am the only jobless figure among them. #shame 

The restaurant used to restrict the patrons to take pictures of their food therefore we opt to take the outdoor seat. We were thinking of taking the food pictures secretly meanwhile we could speak freely and loudly. Somehow the lighting wasn't really good so I was forced to use the flashlight. Nobody actually stops me from taking photos so you have photos to view it now. The only experience that I encountered was the crew from Subway @ Jurong Point stopped me from taking pictures at their counter. Alright, I won't take. 

It is a glass of iced lemon tea but the foam makes it looks like a glass of beer. Just that the foam wasn't really thick.
Onion rings.
I like Earl Grey tea. To be exact, I like any hot sugarless or creamer-less or milk-less tea. #shouldbe
Tuna and cheese sandwich with fries. I had a rice dumpling and dig for food in every corner of my house about 1 or 2 hours before they came to pick me up. Basically, I reached there with a full stomach. First thing that came into my mind while flipping the menu, I turned to light and easy pages. The portion of the sandwich surprised me when the waiter served it. I was full so didn't really enjoy eating it.
Friend ordered this seafood tom yam soup. I stole the mussel and gulped it down. Nice one.
Black sesame dessert...hahahaha It looks so much like that one but it is actually wild mushroom soup. Why is it in grey colour?! Know nothing about culinary so I've gotta ask.  
Give you a closer look at the sandwich. A thick layer of tuna in between the bun.
Cheesy salmon pasta with tomato sauce.

The price range is quite reasonable with the portion served. The service is so much better than the impatient waiters and waitresses in Hong Kong's local cafes. Shall visit there again if I were to crave for Western cuisine again. It's so much nearer compared to other Western cuisine restaurants. 

It's singing time with bloated stomachs. Burrppsss...Just nice there's the first day opening of Tutti Frutti at that area so we got 30% for our yogurt ice cream and toppings.

We ended the night with our wonderful lovely singing in the room...#thickskinned
I believe there will be more outings like this in the future so I am kind of looking forward. Long live!

Happy Birthday to you once again. (I know you will be reading this post...hehe)

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