Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crystal Jade

There's a day I accompanied my sis to run errands and our first stop was Mt. Elizabeth Novena. Before getting down from the cab, the building seriously looks like a 5 stars hotel. The taxi driver told us that's a very high class hospital, the inpatient cost per night is like staying in a president suite. He shared the story of his friend commit suicide because of no fund to treat his cancer. He said there's a lot of these cases in Singapore as people couldn't afford the medical fees. You may die but not fall sick. We can only smiled after listening to his stories, nothing much to comment. 

The moment we arrived, there's a person to open the car door for me and close it for me. He then greeted us, asked where are we going to and showed us the direction. That moment, I feel like a boss. haha Walked into the building, the lobby, the lifts, layout and everything gives me the feeling it's a 5 stars hotel. Pardon me for being so suagu. 

Done everything on that day after few places. I told my sis, can we go for xiaolongbao?? I am not a pork lover and try to skip it if I could but that day I really feel like munching on the xiaolongbao. We were really hungry and not sure if we should treat it as our dinner but don't care lah, eat only. 

This is the appetizer. It's fish and I quite like it.
The steamed tofu with pork floss that served cold. The sauce is too salty but thank god we did order white rice to neutralize it. I think it's a dish where we could do it at home, do it our way. 
This is exactly what I craved for and waited for. Not to waste the soup in the dumpling, pick it up with a chopstick and put it on a spoon. Have a bite then drink the soup!! That makes me a happy laozabo in the restaurant. 
Errr it's a dish of minced pork bun where they fried the bottom of the buns to make it crunchy. The pastry of the buns is a bit hard but still acceptable. 
The content of this dish is radish. It looks good but it wasn't really that good with the taste. I find it TOO oily. Ya, I know it's deep fried food but still I don't expect a bite of it will make oil flows into my mouth instantly. 

All these are too filing therefore 5 dishes are a little too much for the two of us. At first, we were there for afternoon tea break while waiting for the others somehow we ended up having dinner. hahaha I was really full because I finished like almost everything. My sis was just pinching here and there then told me she is full already. However, I happily hugging my bloated tummy and walked out the restaurant with satisfied look. The restaurant is selling shou tao 壽桃 (those pink buns with lotus paste inside) for birthday celebration. Sis and I were discussing that next time we may forgo birthday cake and buy these buns in a basket. That even save us the hassle to cut the cake and it's easier to distribute. Each person one bun. LOL

Lesson learned : Regardless how hungry are you, don't go crazy in ordering food in the restaurant. You probably will/will not regret at the end of the dining session.   

Wisdom is only found in truth

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