Monday, August 20, 2012

Family love


Everyone is on leave and grab the opportunity to go jalan-jalan with family and friends. The shopping mall is so pack especially full hoses restaurants. Lucky us, we got a place at the restaurant that we wish to dine at.  Oh yeah!!  

This cutie keeps moving here and there, it's challenging to take pictures of her. 
She was so happy throughout the whole dining session. 
 A little dessert for her 
 Look at her coconut hair style, so cute!! 

 Spicy salad...pedas siot~!
 My chicken green curry looks so different from the green curries that I'd eaten so far. 
This is the best for the day, spicy seafood tom yam soup. 
Next time I am gonna order a bowl of this and then a bowl of rice will make me a meal. 

Finally I have settled everything for my studies and all I need to do now is to study study study. 
That's bored.

Wisdom is only found in truth

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