Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hello Michelle

It's 3am now and friend is fetching me at 615am. The smartest choice is not to sleep if not I won't be able to get my ass out of my bed later. I was catching up with my roomie (even though no more still forever my roommate) earlier and decided to blog about her. LOL. She is Michelle.

It was second semester of my first year and I was back to apartment room again. As usual, I opened the room's door and saw the opposite bed was filled with things so does the table. There stood a girl saying hello to me then started the conversation in English. Oh gosh, so I have a banana roommate lah? Die la, how am I going to communicate with her with my broken English. Uh-huh, I survived. hahaha

She was the third and also the last roommate I ever had throughout my college life. And also, she is the only one that we really live like roommates with many interactions. We will date each other for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. There's a time where me, Michelle and her friend went for shopping before CNY. We took public transport and we were on a bus. I told Michelle, wow this is my first time ever outing with roommate. After that, we were like getting used to meet each other's friends or our friends in our room. 

I have a very poor memory or too careless, always lock the room's door and go out with the keys locked in the room. There comes my saviour, call and ask where is she whether could pass me the keys. If she is in the room will ask her not to lock it. We love to do grocery shopping where we buy fruits and some vegetables back then stuff in the useless fridge. Oh ya, she's a big fans of Jusco. She reports to Jusco everyday, either one. Therefore, if I need anything I will give her a call or text her to check where is she. 

Our study tables are those built-in tables that fixed onto the wall. Her place is on my right so I have a habit to turn to her in the midst of surfing the net and shout, I don't want to study or I am hungry!! Sometimes we off the light and start our pillow talk. I thought we gonna sleep but will end up having an hour talk. It won't be too long 'cause she needs to work on the next day. So, I do miss that having somebody to talk to. When it comes to study week and exam period, the disease of love-to-talk will automatically appear on me. Perhaps I feel stress so I need somebody to talk to. 

Michelle has got an active blog now. I asked her, why are you suddenly so into blogging? She said she saw me writing my blog last time and thought it would be a platform to share her thoughts though. Ya, I agree. Write a blog is like telling stories to the readers yet you wouldn't expect any reply unlike face-to-face conversation. Owning a blog allows you to tell your story in your way, how lengthy you want it to be, as you wish. In a daily conversation, you might want to describe a story to a friend perhaps you need 10 sentences to complete the whole story but your friend might get bored at 3rd or 4th sentence. In the end, you have to jump to the conclusion in 1 sec. (potong stim) You won't know the feeling until you were once treated like this. I think I have the curse where people dislike to listen to me. 

That's why I love to blog so I could pour my feelings here. If you dislike the attitude that I have it on you, no worries, same goes to me. Most of the time, how I treat you is reflecting how you treated me. =) 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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