Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hong Kong Disneyland

Heavy loading of pictures for this post. 

2 months plus passed and finally I've done editing the photos. I am still gonna write about my magical experience at Hong Kong Disneyland. A question popped up in my mind while editing the photos, so when can I go travel again?! That's a really evil thought though but just can't help thinking. A little getaway to Singapore will definitely make me happy enough. 

Back to topic. Friends asked me why did I schedule Disneyland on the day before we are flying back to Malaysia? If it was on the first day then they will know where else to spend the money even more wisely. Too bad guys, lol. I thought you guys probably will want to spend more at Disney to reminiscence your lovely childhood. The good old days where we used to spend the mornings and evenings in front of the TV watching Disney cartoon, remember?  

We got tired of the food from Char Chan Teng, nothing else but instant mee and toast with egg. Sounds delicious somehow it's not after having the food that taste similar for few meals consecutively. Friends requested for dim sum breakfast therefore we asked for the nearest dim sum at the hotel counter and they recommended the one at the building right next to the hotel. Speaking of the taste, not really good but not that bad also la. 

Set off to Disneyland with happy mood.

I suggest you to play this song while reading this post. =) Follow me and join me to enter this magical world.

Welcome on board the Disney train. It's all about M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E. 

I suppose we must take a picture at this entrance before we walk to the park's entrance. It's so hard to get a strategic place to pose without the strangers. We anyhow just took a picture and left there. The rule there is to play rough. They banged into you and they won't apologize and they have all the force to push from the spot you stand. So, eat more before you go then you could stand more firmly. lol

We were like so proud that we bought the tickets advance from an agent so that we could skip the queue. And we got the tickets at a cheaper price than the one at counters.  
Mickey and Minnie's photoshooting booth is not far right after you enter the park. We immediately rushed to queue for the photo session regardless of the hot weather. After 30 minutes, ta-daa it's our turn. Of course must take picture with the icons of Walt Disney mah. Mascot leh!! 

We shouted, air-con air-con!! Then we entered into the emporiums and got sunk into it. I want all those fluffy plush toys like I never own one. =.= 

 She is happily posing with the Minnie apron. I can't remember when was the last time I wore an apron.
We got really obsessed with this coin pressing machine. Drop a HK$10 coin into the machine, pick the picture that you wish to be pressed on the copper coin. An oval copper coin with the picture will be done. It's so much easier compared to the one at Ocean Park where everything has to be done manually. 
Went to have a peep at our photos. It's nice but mahal lah. sigh.
That's how animation is done. Cool huh?! 

 The Lion King musical show.

 Now let's move on to visit Tarzan's house.
I look so stupid here. hahaha

It's almost time for Disney on parade. Quickly go grab a place for the best view. If anyone taller in front me means they gonna ruin the view therefore I have to be really kiasu. 

I just wanna show you the fancy dresses of the girls but I didn't expect people to yawn at that timing. hahaha There are two of them yawning at the same time. Sorry, I don't mean it. 

 Hello Belle, how's Beast? 
Cinderella, Belle and Princess Aurora 
Snow White is not in the picture but she was there too.

Woody gave me a Hi-5 on my right hand. WOODY!! I know there's nothing to make a fuss over it but the girl inside me just got like super excited after the hand hit. I watched Toy Story 1&2 when I was still a primary school kid. After watching it, I started to imagine if my toys will talk and move around when nobody is there. In Toy Story 3, Andy has grown up and pack his fellow toys friends to give away. That's sad.
 The soldiers from Toy Story. 

Gotta feed ourselves for the energy of the second half day. We were at Tomorrowland so they serve fast food here. 
Hello Buzz Lightyear.

So nice right to take picture with Snow White and the Prince?? I got scolded by the friend after the photo session because I was still standing beside Snow White and she wanted to stand beside her yet I let her stood in the middle. I AM VERY SORRY!!! : (

We spent most of our time in emporiums shopping for souvenirs. That's why we missed out most of the rides where we need to queue for long time. However, we did ride Space Mountain (roller coaster) right after our lunch. That's like crazy but quite fun shouting in the dark. haha
Thanks to Disney crew to help us take pictures with my castle. hahaha  
 It's me again with my castle. No doubt, I am sleeping beauty in my own fairy tale. hahaha
 I thought I could have longer legs in this picture if I pose like this but FAILSSS...
 Can you spot the alien? 
Friends got addicted shopping in the shops. I was done with mine, so I was roaming everywhere to take pictures.

The fireworks at the end of the day is the reason why I visited HK Disneyland again. It's as nice as the first time I saw it there. Thank god it didn't rain on the day like we visited Ocean Park. The fireworks show is over and everyone else rushing to the exit and train. However, we continue our shopping for the next 40 minutes. LOL
The park was almost empty when we left. We walked to the train like without any hassle as if we own the road. Too famished, therefore stopped at Mong Kok for dinner before we were back to hotel.
Oh yeah, that's the hotel room where we spent for 4 nights. 1 queen sized bed and one single bed at the side.
That's the result of the coin pressing machines. My friend did almost every coin from EVERY machine in the park.
This is the total damage of the 5 of us for the day. We just love Walt Disney!!! I wanna visit the other Disneylands. Waiting for the Disneyland in Shanghai to be completed soon. Meantime, I need to think of ways to earn $$ and save $$$.

It's the Chinese's Valentine's today. Happy Valentine's to couples and those who are celebrating this special day. I am happily dating with my laptop and perhaps my lecture notes. Recently, there's a video circulating on fb that a lady said that M'sian food is super awful. Oh really?!! I wonder what food actually make her conclude such statement. You seriously don't know how to appreciate Malaysian delicacies. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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