Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Insta pictures

I am following a few Instagrammers who post food pictures most of the time. Food photography is my favourite so I love to see how they present the photos and learn from them. Below the food menu in restaurants would normally state that photos are for illustration purpose only which means food picture actually mean something. 

Those are my babies, haha. I didn't bake anything for almost a year and finally a few weeks ago I baked some cupcakes again. My friend has been asking me to bake again therefore I forced her to collect the cakes from me after work. I got good feedback though, phew~ And, I just found an interesting baking website with lots of recipe. Hope that I could try it out soon.
 TV Commercial can be quite influential most of the time. Got so tempted by the commercial therefore asked mama to prepare the ingredients for wrappers as our dinner. It's all about improvisation. What do you think of my art work?  
Bird eye view is what I learnt from one of the famous food Instagrammers. Instagram onced featured her and I got impressed by her food picture. Taking food picture this way could include more food into one picture rather than one by one. 
 One disadvantage of taking bird eye view picture of table full of food is have to wait all ordered food to be served on the table. Remember, one shot can never satisfy me. If you are hungry or really really famish, please do not try this. 
 Toast with kaya and a cup of coffee make a very delicious traditional kopitiam breakfast to kick start a day.
Long time didn't play badminton and I feel so good after an hour of running here and there. It's so different than just running or jogging on the track. I don't usually exercise so once in a blue moon is refreshing. haha 
I was watching Olympics Men's single badminton gold medal match at a mamak. The match nearly gave me a heart attack. Dato' Lee Chong Wei is still our nation hero!! Thanks for the silver medal and let Jalur Gemilang hang up highly in London. =) Dato's has definitely won the hearts of the nation so please don't feel sorry!!

Phew~ I was so busy preparing for my academic test and attending super long hours lectures past few days. It was suffocating but I put it through. Now I could finally sleep soundly and enjoy any outing or watch my favourite Korean drama. It's so hard to catch up with friends after graduate. Everyone has their own things to busy with and nobody really has the time to chat with me. Boooo~

Wisdom is only found in truth

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