Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Rooftop Prince

Bored, so bored, what should I do? That's what I always tell to my friends. My friends will surely introduce few dramas to me but watch it or not, gotta depend on my interest on it. Finally I was really bored and decided to give it a try on the first episode of the drama that my friend introduced. I didn't read the synopsis before watching so I don't know anything about the drama. Okay, I got hook onto the drama on the very first episode then I couldn't stop. 

This drama, Rooftop Prince was airing in South Korea in March. Thank god I didn't watch it that time because I was really busy and really got no time to chase after so many nice drama. haha One thing good about watching a drama which has aired completely is I don't have to wait for it to air every week and could jump to last episode if I really eager to know the ending. 

I really hate to watch drama with lots of antagonist. Sometimes I just have to salute the script writer and the good acting of the actors and actresses. Well done!! These four guys from 18th century traveled to 21st century which is 300 years later. Whenever they appear sure is funny and amusing.

They mistook the elevator as changing room and started to change inside the elevator. Okay, I had a very good laugh on this scene. Super epic funny. 

Everyone looks nice in traditional costumes, don't you think so?

This pretty lady is Jung Yoo-mi. I noticed her in the drama, Dong Yi. So this is the second drama that has her that I watched. 

When she smiles, her eyes will turn into 2 sharp moons. Very mesmerizing.
These are the main cast of the drama. Hwaiting hand gesture!
One of the scene in the drama, the artwork on the wall at Jin-an. Korean drama always try their very best in promoting Korea's tourism and they are really good in doing this. Friends who had been to Korea gave me very positive and good feedback about Korea. Oh my, I wanna go there too someday. 
Told ya, guys look extremely suave in formal attire. He looks really smart with this outfit and the specs on his nose. He debut in Korea as a member of TVXQ/DBSK. He is Micky Park Yoo Chun. Last time I don't find him handsome because I had my eyes on U-know last time. haha I didn't know that Micky oppa is this handsome too until I watched this drama. *crazy fans*    

More pictures of Micky oppa. heeheee
 The traffic light
Comic of the drama scene is one of the highlights of K-drama too. So cute. 

If you are a K-drama fans and haven't watch this drama, please put it into your must-watch list. It's a very nice drama. Thumbs up!! I hope they could get some awards back at SBS Awards 2012 end of this year. 

Share with you the awesome songs of the drama.

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