Sunday, August 12, 2012

Safety in Johor Bahru

Whenever I talk about JB to non-JBians, the first thing that comes into their minds is JB is dangerous!! Snatch thieves are everywhere. I have to admit that this is an undeniable fact. Likewise, even typical JBians are threatened by those unethical acts. If anyone of you is a teacher, could you please pass the message to your fellow students and use your very own way to tell them what can or cannot be done. Please tell them do not be a parasite in the future and commits crime to the society. At least don't do bad if can't contribute back to the society. 

Parents, could you please tell the same thing to your children as well? 
Friends, could you please tell this to your peers too? 

It's so often to see old lady or old man opens up the cover of a rubbish bin to collect the aluminium can in the public. Maybe you could see them walk around the town to collect the boxes so they could exchange some money at the recycle center. There are people who willing to work under the sun to build houses in return for money and also people who go round the town to collect the garbage houses by houses. Security guards are sometimes located at some deserted place where they have to take good care of the site alone. Do you get my message? I am trying to tell you that they do everything within their abilities and do their best to get what they deserve in return. 

What rights do you have to snatch people's belongings and make it yours simply because of your laziness and greediness? I wouldn't say that you are inability because as long as you are healthy and all your limbs with you, I don't see any problem in satisfying your daily needs or you will be starved to death. I believe as long as you are willing to work, you will get some money. At the same time, you must watch your spending too. Not highly educated and no special talent (e.g cooking or repairing), I think there will be jobs available too. For example, work as janitor or cleaning worker at food court. The wages might be low but you do nothing bad, live in no guilt. 

My friend told the friends from other countries not to come to Malaysia because it's too dangerous. It's not because Malaysia is no good, the food here is nice and many attractions here but somehow for the safety of fellow friends, what to do?!

For the locals, I know we normally don't satisfy by just dining at a place and will think of moving on to another place for second round. Please discuss the venue in the shop and divide the car allocation first only walk to the car. The corridor outside of the shop lots are usually dark at night and even darker when shops are closed. Stop discussing at the roadside and hop onto the car immediately after reaching it. If you really need any further discussion, please do it in the car and lock the car doors.  

Ladies please be extremely careful with your bags while walking on the road. Please do not let your bag face the road. The best is not to bring bag, I know this sounds super impossible. We have many things to bring, how possible to go out without a bag. Another best method is to go home as early as possible, do not stay late at outside let alone walking alone on the road. 

Everyone has unlimited wants, who doesn't wish to live good, eat good and wear good? However, please respect others and don't do harm on others. Work hard and change the quality of your life by using the right route and correct way. Please be moral and ethical. I do hope the regulators will do their parts in protecting the innocent citizens. 

Phew~ a long post. I am really fed up with what I'd experienced. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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