Thursday, August 16, 2012

Starbucks @ Duddell street

Friend told about this very unique Starbucks in Hong Kong 
I saw their pictures taken over there and 
indeed very old skool and retro
besides, saw it on few blogs too

Friend told me it's not easy to look for it so we were well prepared with a map taken at MTR station
Passed through few traffic lights and we finally found it 
It's at Central where all those branded retails are located at 
We walked into LongChamp and got 'eye-scanning' by the crews from head to toe
uh-huh that's the attitude!! Reality is cruel. 
 Our pork century egg congee from Cafe De Coral
oh-my-god this is too yummy and we wanted more!!! 
we got ourselves seated at the end of the cafe so that we could enjoy our 'outside food'.

 everything looks old fashion but the CCTV on top, failed!! haha

 The Starbucks' crews are friendly.

 The dust stopper for phones.
cute, isn't it? 

 It's at first floor so gotta walk up the very nice staircase and turn right. 

 This night we had very nice laugh on MTR and ignore how people look at us. 
We are tourists so it's fine huh? hehe
That's what I think though.

After that we went to Langham shopping mall and I had fun roaming in H&M. 
Then me and my friend, two ladies started our own explore at Mong Kok without the others.
Nobody will complain even if we miss any junction or take the wrong road. 
We were happily shopping for what we want and look around.
 Curry fishb alls are good and really spicy. 
These two local delicacies are what I insisted to buy. 
I just couldn't get over it since I tried it during my last visit.
The egg-waffle is my love.
There's one stall selling it at JP with long queue lagi but it doesn't look good to me.

That ends my second last night in Hong Kong. I had fun roaming at their 7-eleven and Aji Ichiban too.

My murmur
This society is getting crazier and crazier, don't you think so? Education is important but how you practise it is even more important. Please be good to others with the way you wish to be treated of. Bury your evil thinking.

Wisdom is only found in truth

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