Monday, September 03, 2012


How would you normally start a conversation to a person, be it your family members, friends or even a stranger? I know there will surely be differences depends on who they are. 

To friends, sometimes I might just skip the greeting part 'hello' and straight away get into the topic that I wish to talk. There's a reason behind it for it. See the scenario. 

Me : Hey
Friend : Yes? Anything?
Me : No lah...just wanna find you for a chat
Friend : Ohhh

Sometimes just wish to have some random chats with whoever is available online to kill boredom or catch up with friends by chance. However, it is really awkward when the conversation ended after just four sentences. haha How to continue it? It really depends on who that person is and the mood. It is because I did reply like this for a few times when friends looked me up for a chat online but I don't know what/how to reply. When you take the initiative to contact a friend and they think you have a motive behind, that's really disgusting and sickening. I might try a few times but if you still think so and treat me this way, sorry, I don't have to behave so stupidly as if I am clinging on you. 

There's once a friend told me she made the effort to contact with as many friends as possible. Once in a while, she will call up any of them to catch up. A friendship doesn't last long if only one party is trying hard or making effort to maintain it. Therefore now, those applications on my phone are the tools for me to stay connected with my friends. I seriously do miss my friends who I used to see them everyday in campus where we talk craps. My current life is so dull. I am trying very hard to make myself as a 'homey girl'. LOL  
Besides talking to my mum, all I have are the four walls, dramas , books or sleep. For the first time I am grateful that I am still a student so I still get to interact with friends face-to-face in class at least few days in a week. What to do? I love to talk, very. On the other hand, I am a super lazy laozabo. If possible, I would love to stay at home whole day lying on the couch shake my legs and do nothing. Contradictory. That's me.

It's just another ranting post. Till then, bye!! 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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