Thursday, September 06, 2012

Gunung Pulai

Friend asked, eh wanna go hiking? I opened my eyes widely to look at the message and replied, are you kidding? Lazy bum doesn't like exercise. My last hiking experience was at Melaka, a small hill not far away from my campus. A few friends and I retreated half way where some others continued their journey up to the  peak. It's a normal scene to have elderly jogging there every evening. They are physically and mentally better than a young laozabo like me. 

Back to topic. I have never been to Pulai Hill so I followed out of curiosity. Thanks to Kathy who offered me a ride on that day therefore I could joined them. She lost her way in finding for my house, haha. I just couldn't stop talking the moment I hopped onto her car until the end of the day. Similarly, I started my complaints after a few steps from the car. That's too fast but I really did. lol

I did Google about it a night before and found out there's a waterfall so I die die wanna see it with my own eyes. It has been a while to feel so close to mother nature. The memory of bottling the waterfall water at National Park is very fond. I know it's not hygienic but we traveled so far and was running out of water yet the tour guide told us the water is drinkable and rich with minerals. That's how we got cheated. Somehow the water really did taste like mineral, haha. 

Came so far, it's a nono if we didn't take any picture with this background. A victory pose before we were drenched by sweat. The journey up to the peak takes 5km and we were only at 1km+. Seriously, I got no stamina for this kind of activity, let alone the determination to reach the peak. I kept asking, can we go down now? where are we going for breakfast? how far are we now?  
The couple
That's the way to the waterfall. Quite deserted 'cause normally people don't go there. 
The good thing of jogging there is most of the people will greet everyone 'good morning' even though we don't know each other. Some uncles and aunties saw us so demotivated and running out of breath, they still cheered for us. Everyone is so friendly. Oh ya, many uncles and aunties jogging there and they were so enjoyed in doing exercise unlike me.  
It's still a hill after all so the road is quite steep but at least it is tarred. Finally we got defeated and successfully to persuade Kathy to go back without the reaching the peak. We could see a brighter future, the moment we turned and walked down. haha 
Oh ya, I hardly exercise and I exercised my legs too much that day, my legs were so painful the days after. Alamak!! And because I hardly exercise, the blood circulation made my thighs and butt so itchy on that day. Feel so shy to talk about it but seriously me and my friend felt so. AND, We don't know how to stop the itch. hahahaha

We were already at Kulai so must go for its dim sum. There are franchises in many other places too. Nothing really special about it though. 
We can't think of any activity after the breakfast so we went for KTV. In the end, we were like dying in the air-con room and were not really singing but playing. We anyhow found some songs that we never heard of and got really amused by the melody and of course the lyrics too! 

Thought of having my-always-love afternoon tea to have a cup of coffee and a piece of cake at a cafe. Hmmm...they decided to have bak kut teh instead and we left the cafe.  
I think that the soup wasn't too good. The taste of herbs is not thick enough. 
Thai sauce beancurd is good :)
Bak kut teh is never complete without fritters, don't you think so? Soak it in the soup and absorb the essence in every piece of it. Remember, never soak it for too long if not it won't taste nice anymore. =)

That's the end of our little outing. We were totally worn out and did not continue after the bak kut teh session. Even though I was so exhausted still I quickly washed myself and waited for the royal arrival of my lovely princess. =) She was initially busy playing with the things on the table but immediately went quiet when I turned on Barney and friends for her to watch. I watched it together with her quietly and a few times she turned and looked at me, how come this kacau ah yi didn't talk. LOL She looked supeeeerrrb cute when I fed her soup.

OK, done. Bye!!

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