Friday, September 28, 2012

Harry Potter exhibition

I like to watch Harry Potter's movies so when I came to know about this exhibition
I know I must go!
Marked a date on the calendar and went with BFF.

 Look at this coconut. 
She looks so cute in this outfit and a backpack. 
I gave her a bun then she started to feed herself happily.

 They grow many lotus in the water beside the entrance to the artscience museum.
This photo has zero editing on it and I find it very nice. 

Finally we are here to see the movies which had accompanied us for a decade.
Too bad, photography is strictly prohibited inside.
The interior, the artifacts, the costumes, the videos
one second I thought I was at Hogwart as a muggle student.
Gryffindor / Ravenclaw / Slytherin / Hufflepuff
which house do you wish to be in?

 Is Hedwig stylo?

 Later on we decided to find a place to rest our feet and enjoy our afternoon tea. 
Marina Bay Sands Coffee Bean was the place.
We were seriously resting our minds and chatting happily.
 The next day I went to Singapore again with sister as I have a date with uni-friends on another day.
That night, sista's friend on house and treated us dinner at Benten. 
Passed by so many times and finally tried it. 
Shouldn't order pasta in soup, wrong order made.

Friend's sista was a Taiwanese and now carries Singapore passport. haha 
The joke about nationality that he made was lame but quite funny though.
Don't ask me why but this is my favourite snack from 7-eleven. 
Scoop a cup full with this hot snacks then dig coins to make the payment
then I could happily munching on them.
Lastly, these are the people that I didn't see for months.
Therefore I made the effort to go all the way to meet them for a meal. 
Those few hours were pretty much fun in catching up with everyone.

Done dinner, bought a cup of Koi and spent another hour there too.
very fun chatting especially when it comes to TRAVEL!

One of the significant events in my life is coming soon. 
I am looking forward to the day =)

Wisdom is only found in truth

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