Sunday, September 16, 2012

I love food pictures!


Lecturer asked, ''Anyone of you will take picture of your food and post it to the Facebook before eating it?''
Pin-drop silence. I actually feeling so guilty for not putting up my hand so I was looking down and avoid looking at my lecturer. You know what, I was like smirking and shouting silently, ME!!! Many people are doing this, be it posting on facebook or a blog or anywhere else. Since when did I develop this habit or make it sounds nicer, this hobby to take picture of food. 
It must be after seeing so many people post food pictures on their blogs and social pages then I think, uh-huh I wanna show to people what nice food did I just eat. It comes much more handy with a smartphone nowadays.
Sometimes merely wanna show off, hiak-hiak I am eating this fabulous nice food to make people drool and all you have is the picture that I posted. *evil* 
Besides that, some restaurants do have very nicely captured food pictures on their menus. Therefore, they always need to state a tiny sentence at below at every page saying that photos are only for illustration purpose. Another reason on why I am so passionate towards food photography is sometimes the food presentation is way too beautiful (from my view) so I thought I should take a picture of it to keep it as memory. 
Lastly, it's easier to blog with the pictures. For example, if I have the ability to describe how fantastic heavenly juicy and tender the patty burger in words but you might not be able to picture it or maybe curious what kind of burger it is.   
Sometimes the food looks so mouth-watering good but the taste can be normal or no good. Vice versa. Even though so, I would still try to capture the picture from the angle that I think it's the best. 
A friend of mine did ask me, hey what do you do with your camera? I hmmm and I answered, you know huh I really love to eat and I really love to take pictures of food, just can't help it. Perhaps it's more like an addiction to it, don't you agree with me?
I am so in love in food photography regardless the picture quality is good or not. I don't care! Stubborn!!  

Another friend once told me, she really like to see my food pictures, They made her drools and craves for it. I shocked and looked at here, are you serious?!! I think I repeated the question for few times before I convinced myself to believe her words. The ability to make one person thinks so it's already more than enough. Okay lah, honestly speaking, who doesn't wish for more right? Gotta be contented.   
It's surely a MUST to take picture of food on an oversea trip. Earlier I arranged the photos for past trips and  printed it out into a photobook by using Groupon voucher that I bought it earlier. Sis saw this photo and she said, she wanna eat them again!! 
I know it's pretty annoying when you are so half-deadly hungry and desperate for food yet friends stop you from eating simply because they wanna take a picture of the food.  Therefore after a few dinning experience with me, most of them automatically wait for me to take pictures before eating it. It's so bad that I take picture immediately the food is served instead of thanking God for the meal in front of me. *repenting*

I really miss this sandwich from Melaka even though I could make one at home too. Somehow it would not taste the same.  

This sweet potato looks so oh-my-god normal and nothing special but why did I actually bother to take a picture of it. The reason is it tastes really really good!!  
A friend of mine actually got so tempted after seeing this picture in Facebook and ordered this in his next visit at the restaurant franchise. lol 

I am happy, I eat.
I am sad, I eat too.
I am stress, I eat even more.
I am bored, I eat non-stop day and night.

I guess I am a well-know tamjiakgui among my friends. Not a compliment though. haha I am that kind of person who lives to eat instead of eat to live. As I grow older, I realized one thing, I should really stop eating anything but choose the best to eat. Like what the Singaporean doctor blogger said, never waste your calories on yucky food. I am putting up my hands and legs to agree with him. For why do I agree, I wanna stop myself from growing horizontally. hahaha Have learnt to say NO to many food perhaps have it once in a while to reward myself but never too often. 

A tamjiak person must at least know how to cook something. I had been watching mum baking cakes over the years and I learned a little from her secretly. I pick up the hobby of baking once again in recent years. Cupcakes are the only thing that I cook which slightly cross the passing rate I reckon. If I were to cook any other dishes, not quite edible and only I myself will be able to put them into my mouth. Sounds scary somehow it's true, not exaggerating it!! 
Therefore I don't really have the courage to let people try what I'd cooked. I live like an ostrich to avoid comments. Still, some friends did try it. 
I have interest only on super easy recipes that any Tom, Dick & Harry could do it too. Oh ya, these are lemon cupcakes which are my new try on the new cupcakes' recipe book I had bought it months ago. =) Only a few people tried them and I didn't receive positive feedback for this batch. alamak Better stop baking!

Accumulated so many food pictures but only randomly choose some of these to repost it here. More food pictures will be added to the collection as time goes by!! wa suka makan makan...Cheers

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