Monday, September 10, 2012

Mido Café @ Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

We were out of ideas where to have our breakfast so we Google where to dine at Yau Ma Tei.  Found a list and saw someone recommended this char chan teng so decided to give it a try. Initially, we wanted to have our breakfast here on the day to Ocean Park but it opens only at 10am. We were early by an hour and can't afford to wait so we left. In order to save more time and for convenience purpose, we went there for breakfast on the last day. It's only a 5 mins distance walk from the hotel, so near.

This polo bun is high recommended by the blogger. He said it is a must try from the shop therefore we ordered one. I can't remember the taste of this bun but I think it shouldn't be bad or else I will surely remember it. haha Not really picky on food as long as it is not very very bad. 
Hong Kong's milk tea seriously doesn't suit my taste. It tastes so different from what we have it here 'cause it is made using evaporated milk instead of condensed milk. The tea tasted still the same regardless how much sugar i had put into that cup of milk tea. =.=  Our teh tarik is nicer thou. 
Hong Kong people have the habit to eat macaroni with ham in soup. It's quite nice, Chinese style of Western cuisine. 
Never got tired of French toast in Hong Kong so I die die must eat one more time before I put my feet onto the airplane. This tasted very normal and I really miss the French toast from Australia Dairy Company. *drools*  

Start watching from 2:00 to know more about this cafe :)

After that, we went to Wong Tai Sin temple for prayers. Remember, don't ever buy joss stick outside the temple because you can't use it for prayers in the temple. We walked out from the subway and heading to the temple then we saw a few old folks selling joss stick. I told my friends, eh don't buy har. You know what that old lady did to me? She just anyhow put that bunch of joss stick into my shorts' pocket. EH HELLO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!! I know it's not easy to make a living but that's not the way!! Coercive or hard selling doesn't work all time. I immediately passed it back to her and said firmly, sorry but seriously I am not buying it then I left.  

Many tourists, people mountain people sea at the temple but not too crowded. If you wanna pray, you may collect 7 sticks of donated joss sticks from a place. That's why I said don't buy from outside.  
God will answer your questions, if you belief. =)

Kee Wah Bakery. It's similar to Koi Kei which I did mention before earlier. Bought some cookies back to makan. Fat die me also don't care lah...Hong Kong is not just next door.

Kings de Nathan hotel was where we stayed for a few nights. The staffs are very polite and with very good attitude. The hotel room is small but is good enough for a budget stay. Spot the location of the second rubbish bin in the picture. There's the bus stand for buses to airport. It's really so much better than carrying the luggage walking at the subway. There's no escalator provided to go down to the subway. Can you imagine if we need to carry the super duper heavy down the stairs for a few times? The bus service save our life, haha! 

Traveling around is tiring but it widen my knowledge lah. At least I learn something from every trip and new experiences every time. I don't want to live under the coconut shell, dark and narrow. Aza aza to make life more interesting!! 

Have a nice day! =D

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