Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Oppa KL style

The Gangnam style is going viral on the internet and many parodies popped up on Youtube after that. Last Sunday's 'The Star' newspaper had published a few pages regarding the Oppa Gangnam Style too. I was happened to be chatting with my cousin and she told me the song is irritating and giving bad influence to small kids. But I replied, I kind of love this song. It's amusing and quite addictive in its way. hahahaha 

Now let me show you Jinnyboytv's parody of this Gangnam Style with our very typical KL style. Check it out!! 

Below is the original singer of this song - PSY ( which means psycho ) Watch it if you have not 'cause this is the trend now!!! Burning HOT~~ loll

Enjoy the videos!! Bye =)

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