Friday, September 21, 2012

Snoopy's world @ Sha Tin

The last post on my Hong Kong trip and shall wait for more interesting upcoming trips in the future.
Before I put Snoopy's world as part in our itinerary, I did tell my fellow trip-mates that I really wish to go. 
They agreed so I placed it on the last day of our trip. 

 Snoopy's world is at outdoor, the balcony of New Town Plaza at Sha Tin. 

 Now show you the way into the Peanut's house

 Snoopy is happily fishing with his owner, Charlie Brown.

 The little playground for little kids. The weather was really burning HOT!
Limited shelter provided outdoor.

 This must be a store or something 'cause cannot enter.

 I did not even wear any shirt with Disney cartoon but I purposely prepared this shirt for this place. 
Now you know my love? haha 
Snoopy said, we're number one!! 

 My friend turned and looked at me, happy liao lor? 
I nodded and replied, yalo...hahahaha =.=

 We left not much time after this station therefore we cannot even do shopping at this shopping mall despite it looks really nice. It has so many retail shops in one shopping mall.

Because of time constraint, we split into two teams. 
Females to Tsim Sha Tsui
Males to Mong Kok

 Before completing our mission to Tsim Sha Tsui, we did one last shopping for that nice cookies at Koi Kei bakery. Please do not be so silly like us, please buy it at Macau 'cause it's much cheaper. 
The price we paid in Hong Kong branch is including the shipment cost from Macau. 
Ta-da this is the reason why we insisted to go there even though time is limited 
and we had a flight to catch.
A Taiwanese variety show was introducing Hong Kong and they highly recommended this
Long Cheng Pharmacy at Tsim Sha Tsui

Therefore I did a little research on it and a few blogs are introducing it too.We already had a list in our minds before we flew to Hong Kong. It sells loads of skin care products, cosmetics, hair products and many others. However, we did not get to buy what we wanted to buy. Not too sad, I bought a bottle of Liese hair serum for RM20 which is RM10 cheaper than those at Watson, Guardian and Sasa. 

The first thing we reached hotel lobby was trying our very best to stuff everything into our suitcase. Blame myself for the small luggage that I brought it there. Boo~ lesson learnt! 

Friends were too tired and sleeping deadly in the bus while I happily using the free WIFI provided in the bus.

 One last view on this concrete jungle. 

The place to check in luggages and boarding the plane were at two different terminals O.O 
We rushed to send our luggage and quickly check into the departure hall. 
Totally got no time to do last minute shopping at the Disney shop. 
We were too hungry so we used the time to eat fast food. I think I swallowed half of the GCB by chewing once or twice only. 
Then we were like, oh no oh no, it's boarding time. 
Don't care, ran all the way to the gate as if we were shooting an episode of Running Man. 
FINALLY we arrived at the gate yet the plane wasn't there yet. 

This is another not too bad but not so good experience at Hong Kong International Airport. The earlier experience's post is here
 Waiting to land my feet at LCCT =)

Again, we were hungry and it was already 1030pm+ if not mistaken. 
We got enough of toast, bread, milk tea or wan tan mee 
The only food that we were craving for was MALAYSIAN FOOD

We were yelling and demanding for CHILLIES !!!! 

Gua nak makan curry, tom yam...apa-apa saje asalkan pedas pedas pedas...
This bowl of prawn noodle made me feel home. hahahaha

Malaysian food is the BEST!! For the person who said our food is awful, I seriously can't find any point to agree with your statement. 

I just downloaded a new app on my phone called NuffnangX which allow you to do social blog stalking. 
You could login with your current Facebook account too. 
Come follow me for my blog's new updates =)

My murmur 
What makes a person always so emotional and post super moody & emotional status on Facebook? I did try to ask what happened and see if I could help but most of the time the answer would be ' I am fine. Don't worry. ' The next day or the following few days, you see whole loads of similar status as if suffering from depression. Eh hello, who are you lying to? If not okay, pour things out to make yourself feel better. Perhaps this is another way of attention seeking? *roll my eyes* 
Do you respond to such status? What response did you receive?

Wisdom is only found in truth

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