Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Fierce Wife Series Finale

 The Fierce Wife, is a very famous Taiwanese drama which talks about the betrayal of a husband who got affair with the wife's cousin sister. I really dislike to watch drama that has many antagonist and the protagonist lives miserably. However, my friend and I were talking about the movie so I decided to watch this movie in the cinema with my sis since I was already in Singapore. 

 The guy on the left is the ex-husband and the right, of course the boyfriend. 
Who will she choose in the end? hehe

The full casting of the movie. Those on the right are so tall, they are models. hahaha
In this movie, it takes scene after the couple has divorced for 4 years. The wife looks after the daughter and the guy is working in another city. For this picture, the husband is back to visit the daughter and she insists the father to sleep together with her.  
Sonia Sui is so pretty!! I just can't take my eyes off her for the whole movie session. She is so tall and so slim as well. 

Sometimes a very happy family portrait is only an illusion. A person's decision or mistake can destroy a family's happiness. Somehow this world is full with seduction, so what you belief or what you hold onto might not really turn out as it is. 
He is the boyfriend of the wife in the movie who treats her like a princess. He is also a perfectionist. Because of his love for the woman he loves, he takes the initiative to look after the daughter and tries to build rapport. 
It's movie after all, even if such guy does exist the family will oppose too. hahaha *too much of drama and movie influence*
In the end, she chooses him!! Even though she is a divorcee with a daughter, she still has the right to pursue her happiness. The scene where she leaves the daughter to the ex-husband and ready to go after the man she loves is really touching a bit. 

So I suppose the moral of the story is serve you right for not being loyal to your spouse and no more turning back when you realise your mistake. Don't be eye blinded by the illusion but think about what you actually have and owning it right.   

Not every divorcee is so lucky to meet another guy who treats her whole-heartedly but might face another failure too. This reality to cruel. Like what most of the mothers will tell the daughters, please open your eyes widely next time when you choose your husband!! hahaha Do you agree? More stories and cases heard, make the singles more trauma. 

Heard something from my friend that when a guy is wooing a girl, he will go all the way to buy food that the girl craves for. Now, they are a couple but the guy didn't bother to buy cough syrup to the girlfriend when she is already coughing half-deadly. LOL This is just a tiny matter but you should be able to make the difference so. 

Good luck to everyone! Follow your feelings but don't follow blindly too. =) 


Wisdom is only found in truth

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