Friday, October 19, 2012

Cyberview resort & spa

Phew~ the exams are over so now I have time to write a longer and proper blog post. To be honest, I am actually quite excited to write this post because the place is really so nice. All because of my convocation, my family and I drove all the way up North to Cyberjaya one day before my big day. Thanks to the technology, with GPS direction we reached the resort without missing any junction. 

On the way to the resort, we passed by the big lake or river. I opened my mouth and wow, this place is beautiful. My sis replied, yalo didn't know Malaysia still have such beautiful scene. Why do I wow at so many things? haha 

The security guard bowed to us when our car entered into the resort compound. At that moment, I felt like a Queen. *daydream* One more thing, they are really helpful in answering our questions and showing us direction. 

Yeah yeah, sista, mama and baby Angel at the reception lobby of the resort. Walk near the door and there will be a person there to open the door for you. Thanks for making me like a big star!! We have no idea how or where the room is so we unloaded few of our baggage. After that, I was asked to pick up the rest from the car boot so I went. My god, I wonder what did they bring, every baggage weigh so heavy. While I was trying my best to remove them from the boot, and finally the last piece, the resort's crew came up to me. 

He asked if I am checking in, if yes I don't have to unload any baggage as we are allowed to park the car just right in front of the room. That's awesome!! He even helped me to place those baggage back. Thank you!!

There are total 4 rooms in a building that look like a house. We requested for a linked room so we were given the two middle rooms. It makes me feel as if I am oversea where I own this kind of house and park my car just right in front of the house. It is okay not to have a garage. 

Door's opened and I just go WOW-ed...I like the layout and the design of the room. It does not have the typical hotel room design but more alike cottage style ( I think ). Look at the bed's's so dreamy with the curtains tied up. Put it down can be functioned as mosquito net as well, hahaha. That's the bed for papa and mama, but sadly, they don't let me to put down the curtains. LOL

If you wish to do some reading with brighter lighting while enjoying the nature, they do provide chairs and table at outside too. There's a table lamp inside the room, how thoughtful. 

This is basically the view from the room. Errrmmm....a big pond with the water generator to make it more fancy I guess? haha

The moment I walked to the next room I wow even louder. haha 2 freaking cozy double beds...I tak boleh tahan so immediately I took a photo of myself and uploaded to Instagram to tell the world, I am having holiday...
One study table and one dressing table. 
And then ar, I forced my sista to take a picture of me and my baggage to show I am really enjoying my holiday happily. Travel within the country can be really fun too!! 
I really like hotel room with a big mirror which allow me to take picture, eerrrr no lah, allow me to check my full body coordination if it is matching before I go out. Having more than one mirror is very important especially when you share a room with girls and everyone needs it to check on themselves or to apply make up.

The hair dryer is kept inside the drawer, that's why they have a socket there. Not for you to charge your phone though but maybe you can if you want to. haha That's where I lured baby Angel to watch me drying my hair while she was standing just right next to me looking curiously. She must be taking, why is ah yi holding that thing with all the funny sound? 
Towels for swimming. Cousin-in-law told us the swimming pool is really nice but too bad we didn't notice it and didn't go there. Wasted!! Should have brought my swimsuit there...
The first visitors of the day were cousin Linda and her family. My niece got a little bouquet of flowers with graduation bear on top and said congratulations to me while passing the bouquet to me. Oh thanks darling!! 
These two sweetie got hooked up with Gangnam style and they were trying to show to baby Angel so they could dance together. So cute!! 

So where are my eyes in the picture? WHERE WERE THEY?!!
They even brought their masak-masak to play with baby Angel, very thoughtful jie jie they are. The elder is Cassandra and Alyssa is the younger one. They told me that they have a neighbour, Auntie Alyssa who has a daughter named Cassandra. haha That's hilarious!!
C'mon girls, let's have a picture together while the guys have their men's talk out there. Say cheese =) 
Cousin-in-law has a flight to catch later so they didn't stay too long. 

After them, let's welcome my auntie and her son's whole family. Baby Maine and baby Angel met again. A friendship hand shake. 
Look at her happy face!! She got that electronic piano toy given by my cousin. New toy, yeah~~

Cousin brought us to Dengkil for this famous chilli fish. Thumbs up for this!! The fish is very crispy and it isn't too spicy, just nice. This restaurant was featured on newspaper for a couple of times already, they told me. We had a very nice dinner, courtesy to cousin Michael. 

If you read all the words in this post, you should already know why did I say I am excited to write this post in the beginning. The hotel rooms are so nice and the service is good. I enjoyed the quality time spent with my family. Lovely day. My sis told me the breakfast isn't good, I was rushing to the hall for my convo so I missed the breakfast. 

A complaint about the resort is too many mosquitoes in the room. I don't know how to remove the mosquito repellent pad from the device so I didn't install it. The next morning we got up, baby Angel has many mosquito's bites on her pretty little face. =(  Maybe next time we should prepare a mosquito repellent in our travel pack. 

Finally a proper lengthy post is done. I typed it with a happy mood but now I am sleepy...(not related)

Have a nice weekends ahead and enjoy your day!! 

To love and be loved. xoxo 

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