Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hotel Transylvania

The monsters are coming...bleh-bleh-bleh 

Cartoon, I love to watch animated movie, therefore I am definitely all for Hotel Transylvania. Besides that, the story line is quite interesting and attracting me to the cinema. 

The person who makes a difference in the Dracula's family comes along when Mavis, the little vampire's 118th birthday celebration in the hotel. Okay, the hotel is actually meant for the monsters for a vacation with the family and stay away from the human beings. Jonathan, the human just anyhow appears in the hotel and Dracula found him and disguised him as Johnystein, his out-of-nowhere's cousin. haha

You zing only once...

The zing means love at first sight, like the sparks with effect. Mavis and Jonathan fell in love at the end, a happy ending though. How could a vampire and a human be together? Nah, it's love that tie them together. *sound ridiculous* Aiya movie only mah...

It's a very funny movie. I laughed so happily in the cinema and it was the night after my exam. Obviously, I relaxed and enjoyed the whole session. 

Watch the trailer of the movie. 

Halloween is just next week so I guess many of you should be thinking who to disguise of? Ahhh..many vampires will be in the house bah...Good luck wizards and witches!! 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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