Thursday, October 04, 2012

Legoland Malaysia

Friend text me yesterday saying that she feels like going to Legoland. 
I replied, Yay let's go!!! I thought of having some fun and exploring the facilities in the park.
After lunch, I was left alone at Chatime to spend quality time with myself while
she was away to run errands.
Just nice, get to charge my phone's battery for the photo session later.

Ta-daa...we are here!! 
Happily walked towards the ticket counter to redeem our annual pass. 
Due to some technical problems that we made, I almost couldn't redeem mine.
All thanks to the help of a friend who is a intern at Legoland. 
There's an hour left after I have successfully redeemed my card so we went into the park.

I got a little excited when I see those Lego figures.
However, it did not give me the excitement like entering Universal Studio Singapore or Disneyland HK.
One of the reasons is the park was too empty, is it because of week days? But isn't it a tourist attraction?
Another reason could be it's at my homeland. haha 
*take things for granted is no good*
 The shop selling Lego after the entrance.  

 This ride was under maintenance so can only take picture with the display set. 
Sun was setting, that's why too glaring. 

 I was literally tickling Einstein. 

Here we are for the Level 1 roller coaster ride.
My friend turns pale before it moves. Haiyo janganlah takut!
 Welcome to Wann's castle
Get ready and follow me to the Level 2 roller coaster ride
The Lego at the beginning of the ride was really nice. 
Me and my friend decided to shout our lungs out! 
Not like I am stress out but I feel so nice after shouting out LOUD. 
but a little giddy too...haha

Here comes the impressive corner of Legoland
 Hey Singaporeans, is this familiar to you?
 The palace in China where the emperors stayed.
 Taj Mahal

 This is JAY BEE!!
It does look like it's taken at KL, doesn't it?

Now I thought we shall take an artistic photo each before we go home.

Apparently, I lose at posing. 

Then after that I forced her to take picture with Singapore Flyers. 

Okay lah, go home...
I asked my friend, so maybe I should keep the card in my purse so I could come anytime.
We went home with empty hands this time.
Maybe next time we shall bring something home
a little Lego figure could please me 

Shall blog about Legoland again next time :) 

I really like this souvenir from my friend, thanks so much!!
Remember the London Olympics 2012?
I asked if I could have a London bus as souvenir? *thick skin*
and indeed, my friend bought for me from London 

 Every time after dinner, I will ask my friends can we go for dessert? I want cakes!!
This time we really went and I picked Niniq, simply because I never been. 
So this is my cake of the day with a big love on it.
And I love it!! 
This cake tastes really good. 
I am not a person who goes after super sweetness and this is just nice.
Will surely visit it again for other cakes and also the main course. 

I am in good mood recently =)
Few more days!! 


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