Monday, October 01, 2012

Modern Revelation @ Taman Sentosa


One fine day, the secondary school classmates decided to meet up. I got up earlier than expected to dress myself and waited for kind friend to pick me up at my house. Forever feel pai seh and guilty that I need people to chauffeur me but I know right, all my friends are like angels with kind hearts who willing to drive me out whole-heartedly without cursing me at the back (don't lah like this...u tolong i, i tolong u mah). LOL  

We were loitering on the road not knowing where to go and finally we got a direction. Somehow we decided to change the venue to somewhere else which is Modern Revelation at Taman Sentosa, J.B..
Oh ya, that's my first visit there despite passing the restaurant for like how many times, I've lost count on it.

Phew~ finally found a parking lot and we were shouting, we want FOOD!! Just when we were happily making our way to the restaurant at the staircase, the boss told us we are not opening yet, the kitchen is still preparing the ingredients. DOOM!! Friend asked, could you please let us in 'cause we are seriously starving? Or can we order beverages first? We were early by an hour but anyhow the boss sympathized us and served us. Thanks boss!! Wish your business everyday HUAT ahhh~~   

Come, a picture of us before the food is served. We were the first customers therefore we literally chat in high volume as if we book the restaurant for a private session. Delia (the first from right) were in United Kingdom for 2 years but we talked to each other as if we saw each other just yesterday. All thanks to the advance technology, I haunted her via technologies.  

Kind of missing the days 4 of us at Endau Rompin National Park. So much memories from there...
Pudding milk tea is one of my favourite. There's a Taiwanese cuisine restaurant below my apartment during uni time, my favourite order would be caramel pudding milk tea or matcha pudding milk tea. I must visit like once in a week if not I will rant to my friends until they ask me, got so nice meh?!

Special sauce 

It's Taiwanese steamboat. What's the difference? Aiya nothing is different lah. haha But the boss is really good and friendly. I like his attitude of service. Thumbs up!!! 

Delia's mum baked this mooncake and let us makan. om nom nom~ nice leh!! 

Delia just moved to this new place. I walked in and saw this big piece of mirror then couldn't stop myself from shouting, O-M-G I LOVE THIS BIG MIRROR! hahaha I insisted to take a picture in front of it. That's my first time taking picture with a J1. Not bad hor...

I had many dreams in the past few days. I shall share whatever I still remember. There's a dream I received a big bouquet of handmade purple and pink paper roses for my convocation. hahahaha The explanation for this dream must be I am so afraid that I will be having EMPTY hands on the big day. Another funny dream was I flew to London with Air Asia and I got so excited. Then I turned to my mum on the plane and said, hey ma, my lecturer said small plane like Boeing 737 no good. I started to worry because it is a long flight. One last dream is we have many people for gathering then 1 small car can only sit 5 people not enough for like 10 of us. In the dream, I was still sitting in the car when my friend asked the friend who was driving why don't change to a mpv car? Immediately when I turned my head, I was already sitting in the MPV. O.O Ahhhh am I too stress or what??  

Wisdom is only found in truth

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